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New recruits are needed for an exciting service in the Transgalactic Infantry Legion. This is your chance to travel across the universe, visit exotic planets and have a great time with deadliest high tech weapons. Why would you want to stay on overcrowded and polluted earth anyway? Everything here belongs to a dozen Crypto-Corporations and your only prospect is to die in poverty. Sign up to the legion and open up fantastic new opportunities on green and welcoming planets among the stars. Spread the glory and pride of our civilization to other lifeforms and get rich along the way. Capture their precious resources and make them work to the advantage of humanity. Don’t worry if they disagree and fight back, they are too primitive to understand that we bring them enlightenment and liberation from their traditions and superstitions. Make them accept the generous gift of our civilization with the brute force of a laser gun. Sometimes the path to universal peace and happiness lays through violence and destruction. And if they don’t want your happiness yet, bring them more destruction.

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