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For several centuries, humanity lived in an era of unprecedented happiness and prosperity. Human civilization went beyond the limitations of earth, and established lucrative colonies on the planets of the solar system and throughout the galaxy.

Multiple alien races fell before the might of human weapons. Alien planets were turned into giant factories producing ridiculous wealth for their human masters. These riches blinded humans and we forgot the history of the empires that existed on earth in the past.

When all external enemies are annihilated or conquered, society begins to rot from within. The cancer of empty ambitions and self indulgence spread faster than the speed of light.

The world order which had been built over centuries collapsed as suddenly as the Tower of Babel. Once united and glorious human society split apart into separate tribes, each hating the others for their differing views and opinions.

Factions of technological oligarchs, corporate monsters, super intelligent neuronets, eco-naturalists and self-proclaimed prophets compete with one another for influence over the minds and wealth of the common people.

Their violent clashes seed misery and destruction on a massive scale. Disagreements over trivial topics trigger global wars. The united world government is too corrupt and ineffective to cope. People live in fear that every new conflict will be the last.

Unbelievable technologies which once produced such wealth are now turned into weapons of unimaginable power and bury millions under the ashes of radioactive fallout.

Several messiahs make futile attempts to lead people to salvation. But when all such prophets fail, hope arises from a most unexpected place. A new enemy appears on the distant planet Ozzar.

The enemy possesses the knowledge to bend space and time to harness the energy that makes the universe expand. Each faction wants such great power for itself but none of them can reach Ozzar individually. The planet is located too far across the universe.

 The path to it lays through treacherous clouds of asteroids and black holes. The only way to reach Ozzar is if all the factions cooperate with one another. So they commission a single space mission to Ozzar by combining all of their resources. Disagreements between factions are put aside but not forgotten. Harsh competition continues behind the scenes. The people of earth are relieved that the  unstoppable energy of human destructiveness has a new focus away from earth, but for how long? If one faction gains control of the new source of power first, no one knows what it will do to the other factions and to human civilization in general.

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Seeking new recruits for exciting service in the expedition to exotic planet Ozzar. This is your chance to travel across the universe and have a blast with the deadliest weapons mankind has ever been able to dream up.

Join the faction you like and contribute your skills and talents to reach your faction’s noble goals.

Why stay on overcrowded and polluted Earth anyway?
Everything here belongs to a dozen of nuclear warlords and techno-oligarchs. Your only prospect is to die in poverty or as an enslaved dog, or to dissolve in the dark matter steadily consuming the planet as a result of failed scientific experiments of the past.

Other worlds are waiting for you to conquer them. Spread the glory and pride of our past civilization to other lifeforms and get rich along the way. Capture their precious resources and make them work to the advantage of humanity.

Don’t worry if they disagree and fight back. They are too primitive to understand that we bring them enlightenment and liberation from their useless traditions and superstitions.


The journey to the planet on the opposite side of the galaxy might take awhile, but you are not going to waste this time.

While your body comfortably rests in a cryochamber, your mind will be synchronized with Mainnet, a supercomputer designed to make you an algorithmically perfect soldier.

You will feel the presence of Mainnet in every neuron of your brain. You will find yourself in a simulation of a training camp, indistinguishable from reality. Follow every command of this omnipotent algorithm and hone your skills and abilities to serve your destiny at your destination.

By the end of your training, you will shoot like a sniper, throw grenades like an athlete and make strategic decisions like a highly decorated general.

All powerful algorithms know what is good for you, better than you do. Stop listening to your evolutionarily outdated mammalian brain and let supercomputers make decisions for you.

It’s always right even if it feels that it’s wrong.


As the most civilized, intelligent, and benevolent lifeform, we humans carry the burden of spreading knowledge and culture across the universe. We offered savages from planet Ozzar comfortable cells in barracks and stable jobs in labor camps, but they preferred to carry on living in the dirt and darkness of wild nature.

It seems that they are inherently incapable of grasping the benefits of civilization. Observations of their lifestyle clearly point out the source of the problem.

The entire population is addicted to a potion that causes intense hallucinations and visions. Ozzars claim that one swallow is enough to send you on a trip to the Great Beyond, a place of ultimate knowledge. Needless to say, it’s a classic case of drug abuse.

When you try to save these junkies by taking the potion away, they become extremely aggressive and creative in taking it back. Surprisingly, these savages armed only with bows and spears, are capable of destroying modern military bases equipped with the latest guns and equipment.

Scientists have thoroughly examined captured Ozzars in every way possible. We’ve cut them up, opened their brains, and tested the limits of their bodies until they broke and died.

Our scientists eventually came to a fascinating conclusion:  This potion which is better described as a poison, completely damages the psyche of the entire Ozzar species. These pathologies cannot be cured and will pass genetically to following generations. Like cancer which must be removed to prevent spreading in the body, Ozzars must be removed from existence to prevent infecting our values


During the first expedition to Ozzar, we accidentally discovered the runes which are used as objects of worship by the primitive alien inhabitants. The Ozzars were able to coax massive amounts of energy from the runes by means of religious rituals.

It was impossible to measure just how much energy, since the rune output always overloaded our measuring devices. We believe the runes are remnants of super technologies of an advanced civilization that existed millions of years ago and which perished for an unknown reason.

But these aboriginals, who are always high on something, are so narrow-minded that they believe the runes are magic. The knowledge of how to activate the runes has been maintained through Ozzar traditions over millennia, and the true origin of the runes mutated into fairy tales. It’s evident to every civilized mind that such precious artifacts rightfully belong to science, and not to woo-woo shamans. Only science is capable of harnessing the transcendent goodness of this technology and putting it to the service of peace and prosperity of the universe, where humans humbly occupy the position of masters of all lifeforms.

So the members of the first expedition decided to confiscate all runes in the name of human superintelligence. Of course, these humans quickly grasped that the runes can also make one group of people the masters of all other people. Major disputes erupted between scientists, guards, pilots and even the onboard computers as to who would carry the runes back home to earth.

But no one could claim possession of them. The last reports from the first expedition informed us that all expedition members were murdered.

Peace-loving Ozzars turned into cold-blooded assassins when the existence of their runes was threatened.They displayed maniac cruelty and transcendent strategic creativity to protect their precious artifacts. After murdering all members of the expedition, the Ozzars sucked their blood, ate their guts and sexually satisfied themselves with the rest.

This is not an exaggeration or propaganda. It is a real fact honestly conveyed for your knowledge to evoke your rightful rage and stimulate your desire to take revenge. We are glad that you chose the right path and volunteered as a soldier for this second mission.

They crawl like junkies contemplating the beauty of flowers and mumble nonsense about the universal love they discovered within. Even when the effect of the poison is gone, their minds remain corrupted.

Destroy those traitors as soon as you meet them. Show no pity and no mercy. You will be generously rewarded for every junkhead you slice open with your gun.

Some even take the side of the enemy. They learn how to use their weapons and stand up to fight against us.

For those contemplating partaking in the potion, know that to do so is to sign your own death warrant. Any participation in the Ozzar rituals and traditions will be met with immediate and deadly force.

If you betray your kin, we will use the immense resources used to train you to kill you. To throw that all back in our face is an unforgivable and permanent stain to your legacy. For offenders that have family on Earth, they too will be released into eternal darkness through our guns.

Ozzar is a place of temptations to test your power of will. You will encounter hundreds of psychoactive plants and substances. Local tradition is full of nonsense about their abilities to expand your mind and transcend reality. Don’t believe these empty promises.

Every civilized person knows that the only way to expand your mind is through the installation of a brain chip.


On humanity’s first journey to Ozzar, we underestimated the enemy. We have learned from our mistakes. The real battle for Ozzar really starts now. You are the troopers of the second wave of the attack. March forward, heroes, towards glory and wealth. Don’t fear death, you will live eternally.

The runes which Ozzars worship as magic possess the secrets to ultimate power. When we capture these relics, they will open a gate to the Singularity.

But remember that you can’t trust the other factions. They can be as dangerous as the enemy. If they get to the runes first, they may not resist the temptation to turn their might against you and your faction.

Why would you want to share absolute power with other factions when you can hold it only for yours? They would do the same if they were in your battle shoe

Decide for yourself if you want to rule or be ruled. Use cunning if it’s needed and deception if necessary. Take advantage of every situation. Even if it means using blood as the ink to write your name and your faction’s name in the history books for future generations.

Be remembered as the greatest strategist who resurrected the ancient spirit of Machiavellic from the ashes.



Once all external enemies were annihilated or conquered, society began to rot from within. A cancer of empty ambitions and self indulgence spread faster than the speed of light. The world order, which had been built over centuries, collapsed as suddenly as the Tower of Babel. Once united and glorious human society split apart into separate tribes, each hating the others for their differing views and opinions. Factions of technological oligarchs, corporate monsters, super intelligent neuronets, eco-naturalists and self-proclaimed prophets compete with one another for influence over the minds and wealth of the common people.

We are born blind and ignorant, unable to grasp the meaning of existence. But there is a path to salvation: Mainnet, an algorithm so powerful it can process all the data in the universe.

Life is too short to waste on anything other than self-indulgence and celebration. Everything is holy as long as it gives you pleasure. Lust, gluttony and sloth are not deadly sins, but ideals to live for.

Violence is the universal language that everyone understands. Pain is a final argument in any dispute. Invoke enough suffering on your foe and he will beg you to accept his friendship.

Cyber-enhanced humans are on a path to dominate the future. Install a computer chip into a slow brain, replace weak arms with titanium prostheses and embrace being superhuman.

Nature is the source of life and death, the foundation of laser beams and atom bombs. It empowers us to spill red blood in the name of green grass.

There is only one permanent law in the universe: Money governs everything. While two tribes are engaged in a war, sell weapons to each and rule over both.

Renegades from the United World Government, Outlaw Troopers embrace chaos. Once enforcers, now rebels thriving in the shadows of crime.

The governors of universal order. Enforcers of law, brotherhood and equality. Known to the masses as “United World Government”, provider of common good and executor of traitors.

Devoted to transcending the limits of the possible so that we can achieve the Singularity within a lifetime. We praise rapid technological growth at all costs, and burn heretics who slow it down.

The architects of metallic civilization, Mecha World Faction arose from the ashes of human folly. Stranded in a desolate Earth, their steel hearts pulsate with purpose. Once pawns, now architects; some strive to resurrect nature, others wield power.

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