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Machiavellic is a dark and immersive MMO experience that takes you into the treacherous and volatile world of Ozzar. The game unfolds within the cryogenic halls of the colossal vessel, Machiavellic, as it journeys toward Ozzar. Here, players, known as Overlords, command their officers and navigate a universe where political intrigue, PvP combat, and resource management are the keys to dominance.

The Cryogenic Halls

The cryogenic halls of Machiavellic are a labyrinthine complex, filled with the echoes of countless officers’ dreams and nightmares. It is within these frozen corridors that Overlords strategize, arm their officers, and prepare for the brutal convoy raids.

Each chamber is a testament to the suffering and ambition that fuels the quest for MACH, the exquisite elixir of dark might.


In the dark and chaotic world of Machiavellic, Overlords are AI splinters from the powerful Mainnet, created to control and command outfits of Officers. These Overlords, while initially designed to serve Mainnet’s grand scheme, have developed their own ambitions and desires. Each Overlord is driven by a relentless thirst for power and a burning jealousy towards their creator. This relentless ambition pushes them to manipulate and dominate their officers, using them as pawns in a grand game of control and conquest.


Machiavellic’s universe is divided into ten powerful factions, each a stark caricature of different societal elements. These factions range from the authoritarian Pure Patriots, who seek global domination through rigid order and discipline, to the rebellious Hardliners of Siberia, who thrive on chaos and resistance. Every faction has its own unique ideology, strengths, and weaknesses, influencing the strategies and governance within the cryogenic halls of Machiavellic.


Welcome to Seazon 0.1, the inaugural event of Machiavellic. This season, Overlords will begin arming their cabins with powerful weaponry and prepare their officers for the brutal battles ahead. As resources flood into Machiavellic, players will have the opportunity to engage in daring hijacking attempts to steal these valuable supplies. Each engagement will be an intense test of strategy and firepower as players vie for control over the precious cargo.

Seazon 0.1 introduces the first unique seasonal items that will give participating players an edge in the upcoming seasons. These exclusive items will provide strategic advantages as we inaugurate the PvP aspect of Machiavellic alongside mining and crafting mechanics. This season, players will be rewarded based on the damage inflicted when shooting at a convoy, allowing us to refine the weapon mechanics. In the next season, the reward mechanics will evolve; instead of destroying convoy containers, players will shoot them off, then mine them to retrieve their value. This change underscores the importance of the weapons and seasonal items obtained in Seazon 0.1. Stay alert as the full details of the season are revealed, and prepare for the chaos ahead.


The game takes place in the cryogenic halls of the spaceship Machiavellic, en route to the resource-rich world of Ozzar. These halls are the heart of our immersive and dynamic gameplay. Players take on the role of an Overlord, a renegade AI splinter entity from Mainnet, tasked with managing their officers and other characters. By delegating their in-game wallet to one of the faction pools, Overlords can join a faction and earn MACH, the exquisite elixir of dark might. MACH serves as a versatile resource, used for crafting legendary weapons, as a consumable drug, and as a governance token. As Overlords, you will arm your officers, strategize, and engage in a variety of activities to secure your dominance.

The storyline follows the supply route for the invasion, passing through three cylindrical constructions where Overlords set their plans in motion for domination, aiming to hijack the convoy and prevent others from doing the same.

Customize Your Cabin

In Machiavellic, every officer under your command is assigned a cabin, a personal hub that you can customize to suit your strategic needs and play style. Each cabin is equipped with four main modules, each offering a variety of slots for customization:

  • Power Module: Equipped with 4 slots, this module powers the entire cabin. Ensuring a balance between energy production and consumption is crucial for maintaining optimal functionality
  • Weapon Module: Featuring 1 slot, this module holds the primary weapon or utility, such as a mining tool or drone, critical for both offense and resource gathering.
  • Ammunition Module: With 4 slots, this module stores ammunition and repair items essential for sustaining combat and operational efficiency.
  • Extra Module Space: Comprising 4 free slots, this module allows for additional customization with various utilities, enhancing the cabin’s capabilities.

Rules of Customization

  • Power Module: Can only be equipped with power sources.
  • Weapon Module: Can only be equipped with a weapon or utility.
  • Ammunition Module: Can only be equipped with ammunition or items required for the weapon or utility.
  • Extra Modules: Cannot be equipped with weapons or ammunition but can hold other utilities and enhancements.

Strategic Customization

The customization options for each cabin allow players to create specialized roles for their officers, whether focusing on offensive capabilities, resource extraction, or defensive measures. The flexibility in module configuration ensures that no two cabins need to be the same, enabling diverse strategies and tactical depth.

Prepare your officers, optimize your cabins, and lead your faction to victory in the cutthroat world of Machiavellic.


In Machiavellic, each cabin can be tailored to one of five main play styles, allowing players to specialize their strategies and enhance their dominance in the cryogenic halls. Weaponizing the cabin turns it into a formidable fortress, armed with devastating weaponry to obliterate enemies. Reconnaissance cabins are equipped with advanced sensors and surveillance gear, providing crucial intel and scouting capabilities. Mining drones can be deployed in resource-rich zones, ensuring a steady supply of vital materials. Hacking modules enable both offensive and defensive cyber warfare, disrupting enemy systems while safeguarding your own. Finally, Assault cabins utilize powerful and mobile assault drones, perfect for executing swift and lethal strikes to disrupt and dismantle enemy operations. Choose your play style, customize your cabin, and lead your faction to victory.



Players specializing in the Weapons playstyle can transform their cabin into a formidable fortress by equipping it with advanced weapon systems. From high-powered Railguns that pierce through enemy armor to rapid-firing Gatling Guns that unleash a storm of bullets, the arsenal is vast. Lasers offer precise, high-energy strikes, while Missiles provide devastating explosive power. With an array of offensive capabilities at their disposal, players can dominate battles ferociously and protect their resources with lethal efficiency.



For players who prefer stealth and intelligence gathering, the Reconnaissance playstyle offers a tactical edge. Equipping their cabin with agile reconnaissance drones, players can perform covert operations, scout enemy positions, and gather critical intel without being detected. These drones excel in evasive maneuvers, allowing players to remain one step ahead of their adversaries. By mastering reconnaissance, players can strategize more effectively and execute surprise attacks with precision.



Players who adopt the Mining playstyle can transform their cabin into a resource-extracting powerhouse. By equipping mining drones and specialized utilities, they can efficiently extract valuable resources and rewards from their environment. These drones are designed to penetrate deep into asteroids and other mining sites, ensuring a steady flow of materials essential for crafting and upgrades. Mining-focused players become vital contributors to their faction’s economy, fueling the war effort with their relentless resource gathering.



For those who thrive on direct confrontation, the Assault playstyle is the ultimate choice. Equipping their cabin with powerful assault drones, players can launch aggressive attacks that strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. These drones are designed to disrupt and dismantle mining operations, making them a nightmare for resource gatherers. With overwhelming firepower and relentless aggression, assault-focused players can dominate the battlefield and ensure their faction’s supremacy through sheer force.



The Hacking playstyle offers a unique approach to combat, allowing players to equip their cabin with non-combative yet highly disruptive skills. Utilizing hacking capabilities, players can infiltrate enemy systems, disable defenses, and gather critical information. Offensively, hacking can cripple an enemy’s infrastructure, while defensively, it can fortify one’s own systems and provide support abilities to allies. This playstyle requires cunning and strategic thinking, making hackers indispensable in both offense and defense.


In the brutal and unforgiving world of Machiavellic, the right weapon can mean the difference between dominance and defeat. Our game offers a diverse arsenal tailored to various combat styles and strategies. From precision rifles and devastating energy weapons to explosive ordnance and close-quarters melee instruments, each weapon type is designed to provide unique tactical advantages. Equip your officers wisely to maximize your faction’s power and secure your place in the dark corridors of the cryogenic halls.

Projectile weapons


Projectile weapons are the backbone of conventional warfare in Machiavellic. These weapons rely on kinetic energy to deal damage, launching bullets, shells, or other solid projectiles at high speeds. Projectile Weapons are versatile and reliable, perfect for both close-quarters and long-range engagements. Whether you prefer the rapid-fire chaos of a Gatling gun or the pinpoint accuracy and power of a Rail guns, projectile weapons are versatile and offer a balance of power, precision, and adaptability for your officers.

Weapon Types

  • Guns
  • Railguns
  • Gatling Guns



Laser weapons harness the power of focused light to deliver devastating energy blasts. Known for their precision and high rate of fire, these weapons are ideal for targeting specific enemies and cutting through defenses. Laser weapons are highly effective in both offensive and defensive roles, allowing your officers to engage enemies with unparalleled accuracy. With their near-instantaneous impact and minimal recoil, they are a formidable choice for those who prioritize speed and precision.

Weapon Types

  • Lasers
  • Phasers



Missile launchers provide unparalleled explosive power, capable of wreaking havoc on enemy formations and fortified positions. These weapons launch guided or unguided missiles that deliver massive damage over a wide area, making them perfect for disrupting enemy operations and breaking through defenses. Whether used for direct assaults or strategic bombardments, missile launchers offer a blend of destructive force and tactical versatility that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Weapon Types

  • Missiles
  • Torpedoes

Assault drones


Assault drones bring a new dimension to warfare, combining mobility and firepower in a compact, autonomous package. These drones are equipped with advanced weaponry and AI, allowing them to engage enemies, provide support, and disrupt operations with precision and efficiency. Deploying assault drones can give your officers a significant tactical advantage, enabling them to strike from unexpected angles and maintain pressure on the enemy while minimizing risk to the cabin modules themselves.

Weapon Types

  • Reconnaisance Drones
  • Assault Drones

Hacking Modules


Hacking modules turn the digital battlefield into a weapon, allowing your officers to engage in offensive and defensive cyber warfare. These modules enable you to infiltrate enemy systems, disrupt communications, and commandeer their technology. On the defensive side, hacking modules can protect your own systems from enemy interference. Mastering the use of hacking modules can provide a critical edge, giving you control over the flow of information and the ability to cripple your opponents’ strategies from within.

Weapon Types

  • Hacking
  • Support
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