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About The Game

Machiavellic is the world’s first Play-&-Earn open sandbox MMO with no predefined classes or playstyles. The entire concept of Machiavellic is to reward gameplay, in any way you want to play without penalizing you for your choices.

Start the session as an assassin tank. Sneak into a situation, announce your arrival (violently) and take control of the battlefield. You do that for a while and decide you’re done being on the front lines. You swap out your setup and just like that, you are now an AoE DPS with Healing/Support abilities, so that the next tank you team up with can afford to be a little bit wreckless with your help.

Get creative. Get rewarded for being so.

No predefined classes. Skills and abilities are determined by the gear you find/create/buy.
Conquer and profit from territories controlled by your guild.
Find, create or earn legendary and unique equipment.
Play however you like. Become a weapon forge master, merchant or peerless fighter.
Play, earn and own shares of the global marketplace and earn from ALL transactions.
And much more.


In our current industry, there are only a handful of ways to make money:

  1. Microtransaction hell. Gacha/Gambling exploitation (aka pay to win)
  2. Pop a 30 second unskippable ad every 10 seconds
  3. An ever-increasing initial retail price, even including microtransactions

All of these systems are terrible for their own reasons. Popular freemium games riddled with microtransactions also fall prey to spam bots shilling their garbage gold farms.

We don't need any of it

Machiavellic leverages the blockchain and cryptocurrency to effectively change the paradigm by offering a fair peer-to-peer marketplace where players can buy and sell their own resources and equipment for tokens, which they can cash out with their fiat currency of choice.

Machiavellic earns by taking a cut of each transaction. Effectively, this means the only way forward is to make the game as fun as possible to maximize user activity. This means NO predatory gacha/microtransaction gimmicks, NO flooding the player with ads, and NO gold farmers because technically ANYBODY can be a gold/resource farmer to sell on the market.

Making the game fun. That’s all we care about. Not to put paywalls or make you do unreasonable grinds. Or make you dish out thousands of dollars just so you can be the big dog for the week while the devs introduce power creep to keep you buying the next shiny toy to keep you going.

The game has to be actually fun


Claim Territories and Earn Income

Join epic guilds and take claim of territories. Claimed territories generate taxes for the guild treasury that are shared with guild members.

Completely Adaptive Playstyles

An incredibly wide breadth of skills to hone and master, such as cooking, potion making, weapon/armor forging, mining and many more. The better you become at doing something, the more valuable and useful you are to your friends, your guildmates and to the community as a whole. Be the potion master that elevates to unbeatable states. Forge armor that withstands the heaviest blows. Create weapons that transform anything you aim them at into pink mist.

Be Legendary

Leave your mark. Every time a new season starts in Machiavellic, top players compete not just for honor and glory that gets shouted down to the masses from the rooftops, but for unique rewards that passively generate tokens for as long as the players own them.

Own Parts Of and Earn From the Game

Players buy and sell to each other in the game’s central Marketplace, which operates off of 1,000 Marketplace Shards. These shards are distributed ingame, and earn 25% of the revenue from every transaction that happens in the Marketplace.

500 shards can be bought and 500 shards are owned by guilds who control the rarest and most highly contested zones.

Community Driven Development

As Machiavellic develops, there will be many questions put forth to the community. Those who own $MACH (either bought or earned) will have the ability to help shape the Machiavellic universe as members of the Senate.

Trade Almost Anything

Few things in Machiavellic cannot be traded. Since a character’s overall experience depends entirely on the equipment they use, nothing is off the table. Trade your favorite tank setup for someone’s high damage output fighter. Weapons, armor, potions, runes, materials, gems, precious metals—anything you can find, loot or create is tradeable.

Community Sustained Game

Machiavellic makes its money from ingame Marketplace transactions by taking a small cut when a player buys or sells something to another player. By doing so, we remove the need to include paywalls or to push players through a meat grinder to get through content without having to pay to accelerate progress. This means our only focus is on building a fun and engaging game.

Be Any Class At Any Time

Players are no longer forced to be shoehorned into any specific class. Skills and abilities are formed as a combination of the gear you use and the Archetype Soul Stone you equip. Tanky fighter? Healing Assassin? Anything is possible.

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