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ABOUT the Project

Machiavellic ($MACH) a NFT-centric game native to the Cardano Chain, strives to make the blockchain invisible for users. We break down barriers by enabling players to join through other supported blockchains and welcoming those outside the crypto world, making Machiavellic accessible to all gamers.

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Almost everything in the game is tradeable and most items are NFTs: things like weapons, characters, armor and some rare collectibles and components. Some have utility outside the game like The Marketplace Shards.

Everything that makes the game function and interacts with others can be traded with another player with the game’s ingame currency $FGL: gear, consumables, weapons, resources and more.

Since there are no classes and all skills/abilities are determined by the gear and payload of the character, players essentially trade builds and styles of play.

Competitive events create opportunities for rare and unique NFTs that rewards players simply for owning them. A quick example: If you are in the top 3 players at the end of a season, you will earn a unique NFT which when stored in your inventory, will generate additional $FGL for you during the next season. There is no need to do anything other than just own it.

These unique NFTs generally have a purpose outside of passive rewards. This is because they are usually pretty potent in their own right so even after whatever reward mechanisms they previously had have been retired, they still have inherent gameplay and rarity value by being an exceptional piece of gear that benefits you in gameplay.

Core Experience Mini-Games

We make no claims that an MMO project is easy. To manage this issue, the Machiavellic team will roll out Core Experience mini-games of the overall project in which the players engage core mechanics of the big picture game. Using this approach delivers a variety of unique benefits for players, partners like SPOs and for the Machiavellic team.

Three Core Experience mini-games are planned:

  1. A MOBA style PvP Arena
  2. An Endless Waves Defense Simulator
  3. A Group Raid Dungeon

The MOBA style PvP Arena will give us deep insights into how all the gear and payloads stack up in a PvP setting. We are looking to remove any overly powerful and lame unbeatable meta setup which ultimately forces everybody to wear the same thing if they want to stand a chance of being victorious.

The Endless Waves Defense Simulator (EWDS) is primarily a PvE experience where players build up their characters and create payloads in the endless pursuit of reaching the furthest levels of the game. There is no way to truly beat it. The waves keep coming until the player dies.

In the Group Raid Dungeon, players will take the characters and equipment they’ve built up and go head on with powerful enemies. This will give us insights into how group dynamics work in practice. Here we are looking to identify features and mechanics gamers like and weed out annoying or unsatisfying elements.

In all mini-games, we will add crafting, resource gathering and trading upgrades as time goes on. Gradually we will add more and more to these Core Experiences until we reach a point where we tie it all together into a cohesive product, the final game.

The Core Experience Mini-Game development strategy delivers a number of unique, essential benefits for players, partners like SPOs and for the Machiavellic team:

Gives players an early taste of the game since mini-games (and their upgrades) will be rolled out much faster than having to wait for the final MMO to launch.
Keeps new and existing players continuously engaged in fun, game-related activities while the full MMO is being developed, creating another avenue for creating early game loyalty.
Allows players to become familiar with the game story, characters, gear capabilities and more even before the full MMO launches.
Provides partners such as SPOs with a continuous flow of exciting material to communicate mini-game updates and project milestones to their communities to attract growth for themselves as well as Machiavellic.
Gives us early market intelligence as to what players like (and dislike) the most, ensuring that when the full MMO launches, it will deliver the best gaming experience from the start.
Enables the game assets of $FGL, $MACH and NFTs to be actively used, traded and given utility much earlier, since it is not necessary to wait for the full MMO to launch before players can utilize them. These assets are used in the mini-games, where players can craft and sell and will carry over into the final launch giving players a sense of continuity.




1,000,000,000 Token Supply

$MACH is the primary and DAO token behind the Machiavellic project. Its primary use is for the community, such as to vote on developmental and game concerns. Ingame, $MACH also serves as the component for making endgame content, such as crafting the ultimate tier of weapons.

Of course, we do not force players who may not have any interest in crypto or the token to buy it. $MACH can be found and mined ingame in a very restricted manner, with only a certain amount of $MACH reserved for each season.



$FGL, the cornerstone of Machiavellic’s economic ecosystem, serves as the primary in-game currency, alongside $MACH, paralleling real-world currencies like the dollar and commodities like oil and gold. This versatile token fuels a myriad of in-game activities, from upgrading and crafting gear to essential transactions. Earn $FGL by engaging in various activities, including gameplay, quests, resource mining, and dismantling or destroying unnecessary equipment.

The Ultimate Machiavellic NFT

Marketplace Shards

Whereas just about everything in the game is essentially an NFT that you can mold and shape as you desire, the most coveted NFT is one that works outside the game.

For this purpose, Machiavellic will issue 500 Marketplace Shards.

The way Machiavellic generates revenue to sustain operations is by taking a 5% transaction fee on player-to-player transactions within the game. As of now, this fee is calculated in $FGL.

Of this transaction fee, 25% is allocated to the holders of the Marketplace Shards. This distribution is also made in $FGL, providing an additional incentive for the Machiavellic community to participate in and benefit from the game’s economy.

Out of those 500 shards and in the spirit of trying to keep things fair for everyone, 200 shards can be bought directly and 300 shards are earned ingame.

In Machiavellic there are territories that can be controlled by guilds. All zones produce taxes for resources that are mined from them and those rewards are sent to a central guild treasury where the guild master and appointed captains can use or distribute them as they wish.

Rarer and highly contested zones will have Marketplace Shards in them. The guilds that control those zones generate income for their guildmates. Very rare zones will have multiple Marketplace Shards and other highly sought after resources, making them the primary focus of PvP guild wars.

Community-Led Development and Design

Those who hold $MACH, hold a voice

Something we all hated in games that we grew up playing, especially the online ones, was that the devs always implemented features or updates at what seemed like random. There was always an uproar about why “x” wasn’t done, or why was “z” pushed again.

None of that in Machiavellic.

Machiavellic will hold 2,500 Senate seats to be filled by the players. 2,450 of the seats are automatically filled by the top 2,450 wallet holders of the game, who actually play the game. We are not interested in whales who have never played the game to come in and make decisions that could derail the project.

This encourages players to hold $MACH and remain in the top wallets list to remain in the Senate.

Senate members have a weighted vote towards new features or desired updates for the dev team to focus on.


Escape your destiny of rotting or dying on a self-destroying, overcrowded and polluted Earth, and reach out for the stars. Embark on a conquest to the planet Ozzar where the lands are fruitful, the mines are rich and energy is abundant. Deliver your brothers and sisters, by right of conquest, the colonization of Ozzar and its abundance. The locals are armed with sticks, bows and energy attacks that are no match for you and the superior technological might of Humanity. Fight with us, join the singularity and earn your immortality.

The Team

Our team is passionate about the challenge and determined to deliver an exciting game no matter what awaits us on the way. The progress of civilization is led by pioneers who have the courage to step into the unknown. We welcome you to join us in the expedition to the stars and share the treasures to be discovered.



Fletcher is a driven leader with a diverse background. With over 10 years of experience in healthcare, he has developed a collaborative approach and a deep understanding of change management and education. Fletcher’s passion for innovation led him to discover blockchain technology, which he believes has the capacity to bring about a more wholesome, sustainable, and empowering financial, social, and governance economy. He is committed to sharing his knowledge and building community around the transformational potential of blockchain.



Santiago is Jack-of-many-trades, but first and foremost he is an artist with a passion for gaming and marketing. Santiago has been around the gaming industry for the past 20 years and has helped create and promote many projects ranging from cool flash games to online multiplayer gaming platforms. In other words always making cool stuff or making stuff look cool.



Bom is an experienced Lead Developer with over 15 years of experience in the field. He is highly skilled in various programming languages and has a proven track record of success on a variety of projects, particularly in the areas of gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality, showcasing his versatility and proficiency in the field. He is an asset to the team and a valuable resource for any programming-related challenges.



Screenwriter and director of multiple animated films and series. Winner of international awards. Designer of gameplay and narratives for independent MMO RPGs. Passionate about creating meaningful gaming experiences and maximizing player satisfaction by applying an arsenal of storytelling tools: drama, satire, suspense, adventure and a long list of others. Educated on  world-best pieces of sci-fi art and literature. Fountainhead of original ideas, witty dialogue and surprising plot twists which make hours of gameplay feel like seconds.



With more than 15 years of experience in the games industry, Martine has built up quite the network and knowledge around game publishing and game design. She’s been running her own casual game publishing studio Tamalaki since 2013. Moving along with the market trends she transitioned from web, to mobile apps, to F2P, and now to Web3! As part of the FGL NFT team she’s the designer behind the game Mecha World on the WAX Blockchain. Next to this she also still finds time to lead the day-to-day business at the Dutch Games Association as their General Manager.



Junberth is a 3D Character Artist and Modeler who loves his job and creating new designs every day. He conceives impressive character concepts for games, 3D printing and the entertainment Industry. He has a passion for creating action figures, sculpting, retopo, rigging as well as animation reels. His goal is to unleash his ability to create more and more great designs. He loves making awesome possibilities!



After an 8-year career at Accenture, Jeff became an award-winning digital marketer. Over the past 20+ years, he has run successful digital campaigns for more than 150 clients in more than 15 countries spanning the US, Europe, Asia and Africa. This includes work for Fortune 500 brands, government bodies and startups. Jeff’s experience covers a variety of industries including gaming, entertainment, finance, media, IT, travel & hospitality and education.


Digital nomad and full-time Cardano Stake Pool Operator – running Psychedelic pool PsyADA. Long-term traveler, active street musician, and IT geek with a mind wide open, trying to merge the crypto and psychedelic worlds.



Selcuk has over 15 years in the game development industry. He brings a strong background in sales and marketing with a focus and passion for crypto gaming and the Web3 universe. He is also an experienced and award winning Audio/Music Producer.



Meet Jon, a 15+ years experienced freelance comic artist. With a deep passion for storytelling and a keen eye for artistic detail, Jon breathes life into his characters, crafting vibrant and believable personalities that captivate readers. His meticulous attention to detail in every panel brings depth to the visuals. Jon’s dedication to his craft extends beyond artwork, as he has also honed his skills as a story writer and screenwriter, weaving compelling narratives that complement his stunning illustrations. Jon constantly seeks new ways to improve and explore the boundaries of his art.


Lucrative Gaming, or “FGL,” established its gaming legacy in 2007 and has since played a pivotal role in propelling web and mobile games to the forefront, captivating billions of players. Boasting collaboration with over 70,000 developers, FGL stands as a beacon of expertise, ensuring games are not only enjoyable but also triumph in the competitive arenas of both web and mobile platforms.

FGL’s journey embodies a perfect blend of creativity, technological prowess, and a keen understanding of player engagement, making them an outstanding and symbiotic partner for Machiavellic’s grand expedition into the gaming cosmos.

Proven Success: With a remarkable track record, FGL has secured over 50 games in various top-ten charts on major platforms like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This history of success demonstrates FGL’s ability to create games that resonate with a broad audience.
Versatility Across Platforms: FGL’s extensive collaboration spans more than 100,000 web games, showcasing proficiency in diverse technologies such as Flash, HTML5, and beyond. This versatility aligns seamlessly with Machiavellic’s multi-platform approach.
Innovative Leadership: FGL’s legacy includes the creation of GamerSafe, the first-ever universal in-game microtransaction system for web gaming. This innovation, embraced by millions, reflects FGL’s commitment to pioneering solutions that enhance the gaming experience.
Blockchain Expertise: FGL brings hands-on experience in creating successful blockchain games. Their understanding of blockchain technology and game economics positions them as trailblazers in the evolving landscape of decentralized gaming.
Decade-Long Expertise: With over a decade in the gaming industry, FGL brings a wealth of experience, insights, and industry connections. This depth of knowledge positions FGL as an invaluable partner for Machiavellic, ensuring a strategic and successful collaboration.
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