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The ancient industrial temples of China


Absence of Mercy and Human Emotion, Cyber-Enhanced Muscle Power


500,000 cyber mutants seeking final liberation from human flesh


Steel factory replacing bones with exoskeletons


Carpet Bombing

Increased Damage Output from range Weapons

Man of Steel

Increased Physical Defensive Stats

Algorithmic Death

Advanced communication and coordinated attacks.

Mechanized Warfare

Crafted Weapon Gear Have Better Odds of Getting Higher Stat Ranges

Digital Rampage

Increased Accuracy and Critical Hit Rate

True Perfidy

Infiltrate and disrupt enemy operations.


Aging, sickness and death are remnants of the past. There is no need to experience these unpleasant processes any more. Augmentation of the human body with cyberware is the ultimate solution for a happy life and maximum fulfillment.

The principle of evolution has shifted from natural selection to artificial intelligent design. We are going to replace outdated biological matter with superior body parts produced of the finest materials and latest engineering methods.

Ordinary humans, aliens or other products of nature are no match for enhanced humans in battle who have superior cognition, communication and other abilities. Reading minds, telepathy and other previously unachievable goals are our present day reality.

No more suffering in the prison of the human body. Let others suffer for us, so we can derive pure MACH from their suffering. We are the next evolutionary curve of humanity.

Our mission is to live forever and break beyond the limitations of matter and time. In order to achieve our ambitious but theoretically possible goals, we focus all our efforts on scientific exploration, engineering and robotics.

The prosperity of our faction is impossible without an unlimited supply of energy and resources. Therefore we must focus on securing unlimited access to them at any cost, even if it’s the life of other people, civilizations or entire galaxies.

Ashram of Divine Automation, Xin-Zhin ore basin

The Ashram of Divine Automation is the destination of the spiritual journey of every member of Humanity+. It is located amidst burning furnaces which mold from metal the flesh of mechanized children of The Ultimate Engine spinning the earth around its axis. Many lost souls have found salvation within the walls of the Ashram of Divine Automation. Stinky bodies of sweat and meat who enter its doors are upgraded to the next version of human beings. Weak muscles of arms and legs are replaced with hyper-dynamic titanium pistons. Nearly blind eyes are replaced with light sensitive cameras, slow brains replaced with parallel atom chips, and soft skin covered by layered nano-alloy armor. The five pathetic natural senses are technologically enhanced into hundreds of superior abilities including transferring thoughts by WiFi, magnetic vision through walls and hypersensitive smelling.

The Holy Spirit of industrialism has dwelt in this area for centuries. The first factory was built by the mighty Celestial Empire of the past which worshiped production. Under the Empire’s leadership, millions of square kilometers of land were covered with manufacturing facilities and factories. The Empire has faded since then but citizens were choked by pollution as the automated factories remained working by themselves. For centuries, machines programmed to continuously follow the full cycle of production were able to operate without humans.

The jungles of conveyors and wires became a living environment where life evolved, adjusting to surroundings and resources. Soon the first Homo Enhanced appeared here.

Humanity+, a tribe of metal scavengers migrated here from the West and settled down. Their bodies transcended natural boundaries and achieved artificial superpositions of evolution. Polluted air where rats couldn’t survive for more than a day was ideal for breathing with their fiber-silicon lungs installed in flexo-alloy chests. What evident proof of their superiority over their primitive biological relatives!

There is an ancient prophecy on the Ashram’s walls. It came from a guru named Steel Mao who predicted the rise of Humanity+. It says:

“From the beginning of time people suffered in meat-based bodies. But they always had the instinct to upgrade themselves with engineering devices: they wore glasses to magnify their eyesight and drove wheels to move faster. Slowly but gradually, generation after generation, you will finally reach the stage when engineered-based life will be possible without outdated bio-bodies”.

His words finally came true. This is not the end of history. It is its true beginning, and its true spiritual awakening. Look around, see how much productive land is covered by useless green grass and trees! How many places where factories could have stood are wasted? How much gas is not burned yet? How many rivers flow without purpose instead of carrying oil pipes? Only when everything ugly and natural will be replaced by something perfect and artificial, can Humanity+ achieve peace in their synthetic hearts and calm in their 4D dreams.

Let’s connect to each other via bluetooth and resonate with the soundwaves of our hymn: Enhanced Krishna, Enhanced Meta enter the gates of the Ashram of Divine Automation. Then lift our arms, upgraded with guns and release a righteous flame on all inferior bio-scum.







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