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Gladys Winchester


North America, Europe and the rest of classical civilized world


Endurance, Unity, Organized, Weapons of Mass Destruction


15,000,000,000 of Earth’s population governed by this single authority


Emerged as a result of The Revolution erasing boundaries of nations



Crowd Control Abilities Enhanced


Increased Party Buff Stats

Propagandist's March

Increased Influence and Brainwashing Capabilities


Increased Politics and Diplomacy Stats


Increased Weapons and Armor Manufacturing

The Iron Will

Increased resistance to slow and stun effects on self and allies.


The governors of universal order. Conquerors of solar systems and neighboring galaxies in the name of humanity. Enforcers of law, brotherhood and equality. The origin of authority, controllers of conventional wisdom and writers of history. Known to the masses as “United World Government”, provider of common good and executor of traitors. In the not so distant past, we were the only real power on earth and in the extraterrestrial colonies.

No one could challenge us. But preposterous wealth spoiled our leaders and made them lose the grit which had brought their predecessors to power. The world degraded into chaos while they were busy spending their money. A variety of factions emerged, competing for pieces of our once united realm. Let them laugh at us saying that our time has gone and we will slowly fade away. We have seen much during our long reign including shifting tides and competitors risen and fallen, but we are the only element that has remained constant.

We are going to arise from the ashes of our glory once again and make the World Government strong again.

Others have technologies, supercomputers, money, weapons and the power of nature but they all lack the most important component of success: traditions, unbending patriotic spirit and billions of obedient citizens, brainwashed by propaganda over generations. We can afford to send soldiers to the enemy’s line in wave after wave until the enemy runs out of bullets, but our resources remain barely diminished.

Everyone who is on top now should know that if you rise fast, you can fall even faster. The key to power is sustainability and endurance, and we have an infinite stack of it.

Patriotic Hills, Winchester County

Everyone knows that the history of our modern civilization began after the battle on Patriotic Hills. The guerrillas of the World Liberation Army under the command of Leopold Winchester defeated the regular forces of Independent Nations and declared World Unification.

No one expected that the marginal rebellion of World Patriots would win over well organized and equipped regular forces of independent countries. Leopold Winchester liked to say that this victory proved that one unified force is stronger than many separate ones.

Only later did historians dig out the real secret of victory – every conscript joining the Patriotic forces was injected with the DNA of a Pure Patriotic gene. It took control of the neuron circuits and evoked strong patriotic feelings, equal in impact to the brain as thousands of hours of propaganda.

Overwhelmed by emotions, the World Liberation Army soldiers looked for opportunities to sacrifice their lives for their glorious leaders. Wave after wave of kamikaze attacks blew past the defenses of the Independent Nations and secured victory in the war.

Leopold climbed on the pile of bodies and yelled to the newly unified world:

“Look at these heroes!”, as he put a hand on the shoulder of the soldier with foam around the mouth, “They are undefeatable, because they love their world more than their own lives”. The soldier obediently nodded, the foam from his mouth intensifying as a result of an overdose of patriotism.Leopold continued: “Soon you will all love the world as much as they do”.

Indeed, the number of people with foam around their mouths has rapidly increased since then. Later, conspiracy theorists swore in the corners of the dark web that Patriotic Genes were secretly dispersed to everybody through the public water supply. The World Government denied all these statements as provocations, saying that distribution of bio-material through the global pipe system is not only ridiculous, but technically impossible. What’s wrong if people pathologically love their government more than their own lives? It would be unnatural if it was otherwise.

But rumors like this harmed the pure image of the Patriots. Factions of people with different views began to form. Old Leopold realized that the only way to legitimize his dynasty once and for all was to erect a tremendous megaproject which would invoke awe and respect in anyone who encountered it. He proclaimed the greatest city in the Solar System to be found right on the place of his great victory. He ignored advice that the rotting bodies of legions of fallen soldiers are not the most ecological place for a metropolis. For that he replied: “The purity of the patriotic spirit will purify all germs and infections. A few years later, the government denied all allegations that mass cancer epidemics among citizens were related to digging new metro lines though mass graves.

But the city was built nevertheless. It was designed as the city of the future, fully automated and surveilled. There were many sensors so that the government could know what everyone was doing and even thinking. Everyone was supposed to be happy because of the cutting edge system of social rewards which monitored everything the inhabitants did, encouraging good behavior and sending offenders to temporary correctional facilities. But most of the citizens were sentenced to forced labor at least one time because their social scores dropped too low. The only way to improve their scores enough to reenter society was through socially beneficial labor. The city was built mostly by this labor.

But what happened to the funds which were issued for construction? Obviously they went to the pockets of the citizens with a perfect social score. No one was surprised that all of them were members of the Winchester family and prominent government officials. Eventually the city was completed. You can come and live in this magnificent place. Don’t be surprised if you forget everything except the love of your government once you arrive. It was deliberately designed for this purpose.





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