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Alert! The operation didn’t go as planned. What was supposed to be an easy hunt turned into a bloodshed. Ozzars show fierce resistance. Our forces suffer significant losses. Battle order is smashed. Objectives are failed. Algorithmic calculations proved to be false. Mainnet activated the remaining processors to calculate an alternative plan of invasion. It will rescue you soon. Meanwhile you are on your own. Did you get it private? Every soldier is on his own on this hostile planet. Do what you were taught in a bootcamp. Set up a base, make sure you’ve got access to resources and communication. Feel free to wreck chaos on local villages loot and murder women and children. Don’t let them trick you when they offer to heal your wounds or feed your stomach. All Ozzars are the enemies. Good Ozzar is dead Ozzar. They intend to lure you in the trap. Remember, you must never, under any circumstances, drink their potion. Your comrades who tried got lost forever. They crawl like junkies contemplating the beauty of flowers and mumble nonsense about universal love they discovered within. Even when the effect of the poison is gone their minds remain corrupted. Some even take the side of the enemies, learn how to use their weapon and stand up to fight against their brothers’ humans. Destroy those traitors as soon as you meet them. Show now pity and now mercy. You will be generously rewarded for every junkhead you sliced with a laser beam of your gun. And if you ever get tempted to become a traitor yourself, you better shoot yourself in the head right away, because we will hunt you down and make you regret you were born into this world. Besides that we love you and care for you. Otherwise, why would we invest in molding your mind? 

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