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As the most civilized, intelligent and benevolent lifeform, we humans carry a burden of spreading knowledge and culture across the universe. We offered savages from planet Ozzar comfortable cells in barracks and stable jobs in the labor camps, but they preferred to carry on living in the dirt and darkness of wild nature. It seems that they are inherently incapable of grasping the benefits of civilization. Observations of their lifestyle clearly point out the source of the problem. Entire population is addicted to the potion which causes intense hallucinations and visions. Ozzars claim that one galp is enough to trip to a Great Beyond, the place of ultimate knowledge, needless to say it’s a classical case of drug abuse. When you try to save these junkies and take the potion away, they become extremely aggressive and even creative to find a way to take it back. Armed with only bows and spears, they are capable of destroying modern military base equipped with the latest guns. Our scientists thoroughly examined captured Ozzars in the lab, surgically opened their brains and carried painful, but scientifically justified experiments. Eventually they reached a conclusion: the potion, or better to call it poison, completely damaged the psyche of entire species. These pathologies can not be cured and will pass genetically to following generations. Like cancer which must be removed to prevent infecting the body, Ozzars must be removed from existence to prevent from infecting our values of our civilization.

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