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The journey to the planet on the opposite side of the galaxy might take a while, but you are not going to waste this time. While your body comfortably rests in a cryo-chamber, your mind will be synchronized with Mainnet, a supercomputer designed to make you an algorithmically perfect soldier. You will feel the presence of Mainnet in every neuron of your brain. You will find yourself in a simulation of training camp, indistinguishable from reality. Follow every command of an omnipotent algorithm and your skills and abilities will be improved a billion times. By the end of the training you will shoot like a sniper, throw grenades like an athlete and make strategic decisions like Napoleon. Mainnet’s algorithms are so powerful that they know what is good for you, better than you. Stop listening to your evolutionary outdated mammal’s brain and let Mainnet make decisions for you. Mainnet is always right even if it feels that it is wrong.

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