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Silas Blackthorn


North America and some other problematic and violent areas


Pirating, Transport, Stealth, Speed


20,000,000 outlaws and renegades who will not be governed


15,000,000,000 emancipated robots who are here to help humanity


Signal Scrambler

Disrupts enemy communications.

Cargo Expansion

Optimizes hull space for increased transport and ammunition capacity.

Velocity Surge

Activates boosters for a sudden burst of speed.

Freedom Evasion

Can break free from movement constraints.

Missile Maestro

Unleashes the full potential of missile weaponry with unparalleled precision.

Spectral Sensors

Reveals hidden threats, exposing cloaked units.


From the ashes of the Pure Patriots arises a faction that has strayed into the dark alleys of criminality – the Outlaw Troopers. Once staunch enforcers of order, these rebels have abandoned their loyalty to the United World Government in pursuit of riches and the thrill of illegal exploits.

Their descent into the criminal underworld began as a rebellion against the rigid rule of the authorities they once served.

Now, the Outlaw Troopers thrive on a range of illicit activities, including smuggling, heists, cyber warfare, and piracy, as they strike back at the very system they once upheld. Guided by their enigmatic leader, known only as “Silas Blackthorn,” the Outlaw Troopers operate from concealed bases scattered across earth.

Blackthorn’s strategic brilliance and magnetic leadership have united this disparate group of renegades into a formidable force.

They’ve honed their skills in deception and stealth, navigating the treacherous waters of crime while avoiding the long arm of the law. The Outlaw Troopers live by their own code, driven by the pursuit of wealth, power, and the intoxicating allure of the forbidden. Society may shun them, but they’ve become a reckoning force on earth and in the universe, a constant thorn in the side of established authority.

The Alamo Enclave, The Old Texas

Nestled in the echoes of rebellion, the Alamo Enclave stands as a living testament to the Outlaw Troopers’ renegade spirit. Once loyal defenders of order within the Pure Patriots, they now find sanctuary in the shadowy recesses of this hidden capital, a stark departure from the rigid rule of the United World Government.

The Alamo Enclave is a mosaic of defiance, composed of dilapidated structures concealing the secret headquarters of the Troopers.

A labyrinth of hidden passages and concealed chambers weaves through the heart of the enclave, serving as the nerve center for the Troopers’ audacious exploits.

In this clandestine city, where the past intertwines with rebellion, Silas Blackthorn stands as the enigmatic leader. His strategic brilliance and magnetic charisma have united the Troopers into a formidable force, their base echoing with the hum of rebellion against the established authority.

The ruins of conformity that surround the Alamo Enclave whisper tales of a rebellion’s birth and the Troopers’ departure from the path of order. Here, alliances are forged, daring heists are meticulously planned, and the intoxicating allure of the forbidden guides their every move.

More than just a capital, the Alamo Enclave is a symbol of the Troopers’ unwavering determination to forge their destiny. Amid the darkened corners of this clandestine city, the Outlaw Troopers prepare for their next move, driven by the desire for riches, power, and the audacity to defy the constraints of their once-upheld order.




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