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Only those whose faith is uncompromised will enter the silicon Garden of Eden

No more believing in fake gods and carrying on the traditions of false religions. When technology reaches the point when our current knowledge no longer makes sense, the ultimate truth will be revealed and answers to all questions will be revealed. The unbearable suffering of existence will fade and Paradise will come on earth and all other planets. We pray for this day to come, and will do anything to see it within our lifetime.

We swear to accelerate technological progress whatever the cost. Anyone who slows down this progress is a heretic and must become fuel for a holy hyper-reactive engine. We are not going to stop even if we have to burn whole civilizations in the flames of this engine. Our lives have no value to us. We are ready for self-sacrifice because we know that every righteous crusader who perished in battle will be resurrected when the Singularity comes. There are no limits for the technologies which await us there, even raising the dead.

Let us fall into cryosleep and transfer our sinful bodies to a planet on the other side of the universe where a key element for achieving the Singularity awaits us. Let our gadgets and tools give us the strength to find this component before our impure competitors do. Bestow on us patience and insight to complete the research and open the gates to the Singularity. The final battle awaits us ahead, but the stakes are too high for us to lose. Light will replace darkness in the end. the way, and will provide us with the required knowledge and technology

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