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If you hear that someone is not for sale, you just didn’t ask the right price

Everything is for sale. If someone says that it is not, then the buyer didn’t ask for the right price. Our goal is not violent conquest of the universe, but simply buying it, squeezing the value from it and then selling it off at a discount. Ignorant fools declare deception, lies, depravity, and corruption to be vices but for us these things are a vital strategy.

An action is immoral only if it’s not profitable. This is the essence of human nature, we know it for sure, but others are just too foolish to admit it. We don’t trust anyone. Our friends would sell us if they can get a good price, and we would do the same. Mutual profit holds us together. This is the most honest form of collaboration possible in the universe. We don’t have friends, but business partners.

Advanced algorithmic trading ensures us tremendous wealth, but this wealth needs protection.

We invest in advanced weapons and armies of reckless missionaries. Who wants to risk lives for nothing, when others can do our dirty work? Soldiers, engineers, Mainnet and other entities each think that they control the universe, but they never conceive whose capital is behind all the power. We financed it in the first place, but we prefer to keep silent about it.

In contrast to those beggars, we have plenty of money to burn. We are sure of only one thing: if someone extends their dirty hands to take what is ours, they will certainly regret it. We control all the routes of the universe we spaceships travel and have people on payroll everywhere. We will track anyone down who cheats us and make sure we get paid back.

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