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Politics is not winning and losing, but resilience and durability

The governors of universal order. Conquerors of solar systems and neighboring galaxies in the name of humanity. Enforcers of law, brotherhood and equality. The origin of authority, controllers of conventional wisdom and writers of history. Known to the masses as “United World Government”, provider of common good and executor of traitors.

In the not so distant past, we were the only real power on earth and in the extraterrestrial colonies. No one could challenge us. But preposterous wealth spoiled our leaders and made them lose the grit which had brought their predecessors to power. The world degraded into chaos while they were busy spending their money.

A variety of factions emerged, competing for pieces of our once united realm. Let them laugh at us saying that our time has gone and we will slowly fade away. We have seen much during our long reign including shifting tides and competitors risen and fallen, but we are the only element that has remained constant. We are going to arise from the ashes of our glory once again and make the World Government strong again.

Others have technologies, supercomputers, money, weapons and the power of nature but they all lack the most important component of success: traditions, unbending patriotic spirit and billions of obedient citizens, brainwashed by propaganda over generations. We can afford to send soldiers to the enemy’s line in wave after wave until the enemy runs out of bullets, but our resources remain barely diminished. Everyone who is on top now should know that if you rise fast, you can fall even faster. The key to power is sustainability and endurance, and we have an infinite stack of it.

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