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Preserving the beauty of nature can require unleashing the ugliness of savagery

The universe is beautiful. It’s a miracle where atoms got mixed in a multidimensional quantum soup, creating planets, stars, plants and life itself. The brain is a sophisticated supercomputer which is impossible to match with any digital crap. Sooner or later all beings in the universe will be united in a single community and will experience love and peace. Nature will flourish and life will take over the universe even in the most hostile places.

The key to achieving this goal is hidden in the civilization of the Ozzars. The principles which govern life in the universe are known to these obscure creatures. Their ancient rituals are able to transform energy, matter and time, and generate life in any organic or inorganic object. The path to those secrets lies through the Great Beyond. However, ignorant humans don’t appreciate this and aim to destroy the great Ozzar civilization to satisfy despicable human hunger for power and profit. We must stop the human’s plans by any means and cost.

Sometimes to defend the highest ideal of life, we are forced to take other lives. Nature has supplied us with all means necessary such as magic, biological and chemical weapons which have been used by Ozzars for ages. We are going to remove from the universe anyone who stands on our way. We don’t feel bad about this. Nature will only appreciate it – fewer people, less filth and pollution.

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