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The pen is mightier than the sword only if you stick it in an eye and cut out the brain

Violence is an essential part of human nature. People have been at war forever. Children fight and bite from their first days after birth. Violence is the first instinct which emerges in the human mind. Unless we express our violent nature, we will drown in anger and misery. We will explode from the inside unless we release our true character to the outside. We need an enemy to survive or we are doomed. We don’t condemn violence. It is our salvation, the ultimate form of therapy given to us by nature.

We are warriors by design. We fight for the sake of fighting. Combat is our form of entertainment and pleasure. This simple mindset makes life easier. We don’t strive for ambiguous goals or fixing a fading social structure.

We don’t live in the midst of uncertainty. We know the simple truth – the strongest is always right. This is why the strongest should lead. We worship murder as the highest virtue. Without it, existence would be boring and unbearable to maintain.

No more suffering in the prison of the human body. Let others suffer for us, so we can derive pure MACH from their suffering. We are the next evolutionary curve of humanity. Our mission is to live forever and break beyond the limitations of matter and time. In order to achieve our ambitious but theoretically possible goals, we focus all our efforts on scientific exploration, engineering and robotics. The prosperity of our faction is impossible without an unlimited supply of energy and resources. Therefore we must focus on securing unlimited access to them at any cost, even if it’s the life of other people, civilizations or entire galaxies.

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