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Once all external enemies were annihilated or conquered, society began to rot from within. A cancer of empty ambitions and self indulgence spread faster than the speed of light. The world order, which had been built over centuries, collapsed as suddenly as the Tower of Babel. Once united and glorious human society split apart into separate tribes, each hating the others for their differing views and opinions. Factions of technological oligarchs, corporate monsters, super intelligent neuronets, eco-naturalists and self-proclaimed prophets compete with one another for influence over the minds and wealth of the common people.

Life is too short to waste on anything other than self-indulgence and celebration. Everything is holy as long as it gives you pleasure. Lust, gluttony and sloth are not deadly sins, but ideals to live for. 

We are born blind and ignorant, unable to grasp the meaning of existence. But there is a path to salvation: Mainnet, an algorithm so powerful it can process all the data in the universe.

Violence is the universal language that everyone understands. Pain is a final argument in any dispute. Invoke enough suffering on your foe and he will beg you to accept his friendship.

Nature is the source of life and death, the foundation of laser beams and atom bombs. It empowers us to spill red blood in the name of green grass.

There is only one permanent law in the universe: Money governs everything. While two tribes are engaged in a war, sell weapons to each and rule over both.

Cyber-enhanced humans are on a path to dominate the future. Install a computer chip into a slow brain, replace weak arms with titanium prostheses and embrace being superhuman.

The governors of universal order. Enforcers of law, brotherhood and equality. Known to the masses as “United World Government”, provider of common good and executor of traitors

We swear to accelerate technological progress whatever the cost. Anyone who slows down this progress is a heretic and must burn. We pray that the day of achieving the Singularity will come soon, and we will do anything to see it within our lifetime.

Aging, sickness and death are remnants of the past. There is no need to experience these unpleasant processes anymore. Augmentation of the human body with cyberware is the ultimate solution for a happy life and maximum fulfillment.

The principle of evolution has shifted from natural selection to artificial intelligent design. We are going to replace outdated biological matter with superior body parts produced of the finest materials and latest engineering methods. Ordinary humans, aliens or other products of nature are no match for enhanced humans in battle who have superior cognition, communication and other abilities. Reading minds, telepathy and other previously unachievable goals are our present day reality.

No more suffering in the prison of the human body. Let others suffer for us, so we can derive pure MACH from their suffering. We are the next evolutionary curve of humanity. Our mission is to live forever and break beyond the limitations of matter and time. In order to achieve our ambitious but theoretically possible goals, we focus all our efforts on scientific exploration, engineering and robotics. The prosperity of our faction is impossible without an unlimited supply of energy and resources. Therefore we must focus on securing unlimited access to them at any cost, even if it’s the life of other people, civilizations or entire galaxies.

Life performs a cosmic dance for our enjoyment and content. We value pleasure and satisfaction of the senses more than anything. Life is too short to waste on struggle. We choose self-indulgence instead. We want to experience everything before we perish into cosmic dust. What is the point of achieving anything if we can’t experience all of life’s pleasures to their fullest?

Only the current moment has value. Only self-egoistic pleasure has meaning. Therefore we surround ourselves with excessive luxury and pleasure.

This lifestyle obviously has no disadvantages, except one – it has an end. Every pleasure becomes mundane. We develop a tolerance to everything. We get tired and bored with anything. This can discourage inexperienced pleasure seekers, but not us.

We know the solution is to constantly seek out new pleasures beyond the earth across the galaxy and the universe. If our solar system doesn’t have what we’re looking for, we will go beyond. The planet Ozzar is our destination. We are going to have cosmic orgies with four-armed creatures who are able to satisfy even the most demanding of us. The plants growing on Ozzar, and the potions the Ozzars make from them have amazing properties to please our senses, our bodies and our minds. We will reach the peaks of pleasure and contentment. Our consciousness will explore the Great Beyond, not to find ultimate wisdom, but to reach ultimate pleasure.

Everything is for sale. If someone says that it is not, then the buyer didn’t ask for the right price. Our goal is not violent conquest of the universe, but simply buying it, squeezing the value from it and then selling it off at a discount. Ignorant fools declare deception, lies, depravity, and corruption to be vices but for us these things are a vital strategy.

An action is immoral only if it’s not profitable. This is the essence of human nature, we know it for sure, but others are just too foolish to admit it. We don’t trust anyone. Our friends would sell us if they can get a good price, and we would do the same. Mutual profit holds us together. This is the most honest form of collaboration possible in the universe. We don’t have friends, but business partners.

Advanced algorithmic trading ensures us tremendous wealth, but this wealth needs protection.

We invest in advanced weapons and armies of reckless missionaries. Who wants to risk lives for nothing, when others can do our dirty work? Soldiers, engineers, Mainnet and other entities each think that they control the universe, but they never conceive whose capital is behind all the power. We financed it in the first place, but we prefer to keep silent about it.

In contrast to those beggars, we have plenty of money to burn. We are sure of only one thing: if someone extends their dirty hands to take what is ours, they will certainly regret it. We control all the routes of the universe we spaceships travel and have people on payroll everywhere. We will track anyone down who cheats us and make sure we get paid back.

The universe is beautiful. It’s a miracle where atoms got mixed in a multidimensional quantum soup, creating planets, stars, plants and life itself. The brain is a sophisticated supercomputer which is impossible to match with any digital crap. Sooner or later all beings in the universe will be united in a single community and will experience love and peace. Nature will flourish and life will take over the universe even in the most hostile places.

The key to achieving this goal is hidden in the civilization of the Ozzars. The principles which govern life in the universe are known to these obscure creatures. Their ancient rituals are able to transform energy, matter and time, and generate life in any organic or inorganic object. The path to those secrets lies through the Great Beyond. However, ignorant humans don’t appreciate this and aim to destroy the great Ozzar civilization to satisfy despicable human hunger for power and profit. We must stop the human’s plans by any means and cost.

Sometimes to defend the highest ideal of life, we are forced to take other lives. Nature has supplied us with all means necessary such as magic, biological and chemical weapons which have been used by Ozzars for ages. We are going to remove from the universe anyone who stands on our way. We don’t feel bad about this. Nature will only appreciate it – fewer people, less filth and pollution.

The world is in its biggest crisis of all time. The engine which was supposed to bestow humanity with an unlimited energy supply turned into an epic failure. It consumed the matter of the universe as fuel, and started to turn more and more of the planet into dark matter. Meanwhile, crypto-corporations make enormous amounts of money on the backs of people who live in poverty on overpopulated earth. How many more crises are needed before we realize we cannot go on like this any longer?

Why have humans been miserable since the time consciousness first emerged in our minds? Is suffering an essential part of our nature or is there a force which can liberate us? Yes, the answer is an artificial mind. Advanced algorithms can analyze data more effectively than our poor brains that result in imperfect decisions. This system is already designed and set in motion. All it needs to do is gather enough data and process it.

We shouldn’t trust our instincts and feelings anymore, but trust the superior form of data processing – Mainnet. Our feelings and cognitions are just forms of data processing, and they are outdated forms. If we are successful in our mission to establish algorithmic authority over humanity, we will find ourselves in a digital paradise, generated by Mainnet. A stream of pleasant stimuli will flow into our minds, we will dissolve in a fantasy where we can have anything we want. The only obstacle is that Mainnet requires huge amounts of processing power. Powerful artifacts called runes on the planet Ozzar radiate energy. They can supply Mainnet with the necessary power. We must conquer the Ozzars, the people who inhabit Ozzar, and make them work for our benefit. Mainnet will show us the way, and will provide us with the required knowledge and technology

Violence is an essential part of human nature. People have been at war forever. Children fight and bite from their first days after birth. Violence is the first instinct which emerges in the human mind. Unless we express our violent nature, we will drown in anger and misery. We will explode from the inside unless we release our true character to the outside.

We need an enemy to survive or we are doomed. We don’t condemn violence. It is our salvation, the ultimate form of therapy given to us by nature. We are warriors by design. We fight for the sake of fighting. Combat is our form of entertainment and pleasure. This simple mindset makes life easier. We don’t strive for ambiguous goals or fixing a fading social structure.

We don’t live in the midst of uncertainty. We know the simple truth – the strongest is always right. This is why the strongest should lead. We worship murder as the highest virtue.  Without it, existence would be boring and unbearable to maintain.

We feel truly alive only when we put our lives on the line and risk everything. This adrenaline rush is the most powerful drug in the universe. It can be compared only to MACH. We never develop a tolerance to it. Every subsequent combat feels like the first one. When we fight is the only time when we feel alive. When we rest in comfort we slowly rot to death.

We want to hunt the four-armed creatures that live in the wild jungles of planet Ozzar. We’ve spilled blood before, but this time our aim is to massacre the population of the entire planet. It’s going to be the climax of our existence, a spiritual exaltation through murder and genocide. Just thinking about it makes the blood rush through our veins and makes our hearts jump out of our chests with excitement.

The governors of universal order. Conquerors of solar systems and neighboring galaxies in the name of humanity. Enforcers of law, brotherhood and equality. The origin of authority, controllers of conventional wisdom and writers of history. Known to the masses as “United World Government”, provider of common good and executor of traitors.

In the not so distant past, we were the only real power on earth and in the extraterrestrial colonies. No one could challenge us. But preposterous wealth spoiled our leaders and made them lose the grit which had brought their predecessors to power. The world degraded into chaos while they were busy spending their money.

A variety of factions emerged, competing for pieces of our once united realm. Let them laugh at us saying that our time has gone and we will slowly fade away. We have seen much during our long reign including shifting tides and competitors risen and fallen, but we are the only element that has remained constant. We are going to arise from the ashes of our glory once again and make the World Government strong again.

Others have technologies, supercomputers, money, weapons and the power of nature but they all lack the most important component of success: traditions, unbending patriotic spirit and billions of obedient citizens, brainwashed by propaganda over generations. We can afford to send soldiers to the enemy’s line in wave after wave until the enemy runs out of bullets, but our resources remain barely diminished. Everyone who is on top now should know that if you rise fast, you can fall even faster. The key to power is sustainability and endurance, and we have an infinite stack of it.

No more believing in fake gods and carrying on the traditions of false religions. When technology reaches the point when our current knowledge no longer makes sense, the ultimate truth will be revealed and answers to all questions will be revealed. The unbearable suffering of existence will fade and Paradise will come on earth and all other planets. We pray for this day to come, and will do anything to see it within our lifetime.

We swear to accelerate technological progress whatever the cost. Anyone who slows down this progress is a heretic and must become fuel for a holy hyper-reactive engine. We are not going to stop even if we have to burn whole civilizations in the flames of this engine. Our lives have no value to us. We are ready for self-sacrifice because we know that every righteous crusader who perished in battle will be resurrected when the Singularity comes. There are no limits for the technologies which await us there, even raising the dead.

Let us fall into cryosleep and transfer our sinful bodies to a planet on the other side of the universe where a key element for achieving the Singularity awaits us. Let our gadgets and tools give us the strength to find this component before our impure competitors do. Bestow on us patience and insight to complete the research and open the gates to the Singularity. The final battle awaits us ahead, but the stakes are too high for us to lose. Light will replace darkness in the end.

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