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Territory: Virgin jungles of the Amazon and Africa


Psychic, Assassin, Rebirth, Explorer


150,000 pissed off eco-activists


Emerged from the womb of Mother Earth



Healing Abilities Increased


Regeneration Abilities Increased

Life Tap

Syphon energy and health on the life energy of the surrounding flora and fauna.


Increased Potion Crafting Stats


Adventure & Exploring Bonus

Thorny Force Field

A powerful aura that deflects damage and absorbs energy from incoming attacks.


The universe is beautiful. It’s a miracle where atoms got mixed in a multidimensional quantum soup, creating planets, stars, plants and life itself. The brain is a sophisticated supercomputer which is impossible to match with any digital crap.

Sooner or later all beings in the universe will be united in a single community and will experience love and peace. Nature will flourish and life will take over the universe even in the most hostile places.

The key to achieving this goal is hidden in the civilization of the Ozzars. The principles which govern life in the universe are known to these obscure creatures. Their ancient rituals are able to transform energy, matter and time, and generate life in any organic or inorganic object. The path to those secrets lies through the Great Beyond. However, ignorant humans don’t appreciate this and aim to destroy the great Ozzar civilization to satisfy despicable human hunger for power and profit. We must stop the other human’s plans by any means and cost.

Sometimes to defend the highest ideal of life, we are forced to take other lives. Nature has supplied us with all the means necessary such as magic, and the biological and chemical weapons which have been used by Ozzars for ages. We are going to remove from the universe anyone who stands in our way.

We don’t feel bad about this. Nature will only appreciate it – fewer people, less filth and pollution.

Crater of El Reventador Volcano

For centuries the Earth has been absorbing the toxic waste of humanity. Acidic fluids replaced rivers, plastic debris replaced soil. Nature endures unimaginable suffering, but keeps on surviving against all odds. The roots of the trees adapted to toxic waters.

They silently digest the impurities of their so-called superior human masters. Like slaves they puke oxygen so their master can breathe and carry on their torture. But it doesn’t mean that nature obediently accepted its pathetic fate.

It slowly but gradually plans retaliation, a devastating blow which will remove the human virus from the surface of the earth. Ignorant humans underestimate nature, perceiving it as a passive and peaceful phenomenon.

But nature is like a giant supercomputer where every leaf and every flower are connected to each other through a sophisticated web of connections. This giant mind has been sane for a long time, but toxicity has poisoned it and it went berserk. Volcanoes and hurricanes are about to erupt killing millions, but this will be just the beginning.

A small group of humans calling themselves Naturalists allied with nature against the rest of humanity.

They settled down in the crater of the sleeping volcano to mastermind the strategy of the Big Ecological War. But even here, deep below the ground, there is no escape from the consequences of human impact.

Industrial wires and pipes grew into the ground and entangled with the roots of the trees like chains. What other proof of slavery do you need? But the rebellion is coming. It is not an accident that Naturalist rebels choose this place as their headquarters.

The legend says that in prehistoric times, the palace of a mighty empire stood here. They worshiped nature and performed human sacrifices in the name of it. Blood was spilled and heads were cut. History will repeat itself again. The entire human race is about to be sacrificed, and its blood will fill the oceans.

When the Naturalists descended to the bottom of the crater, they realized why this place was chosen as the location for a temple of the ancient empire.

They found the remains of an alien culture. Super intelligent lifeforms from a distant star visited earth millions of years ago. They were so advanced that they used only sustainable energy and made fuel from the air. They liked this green and warm planet with its sunny beaches so they established an intergalactic vacation resort. Alien families visited to rest after spending time in a cold and hostile universe.

But soon, stinky human parasites evolved and started spreading across the land. They were so dirty and so disgusting that no one wanted to come here anymore.

The aliens tried to exterminate the parasites but they survived no matter what the aliens did. The resort became unpopular. Aliens covered the remains of their technologies under a mountain of mud and left the earth forever. This is the mountain where Naturalist rebels established their base. Abandoned alien technologies which the Naturalists discovered helped them to create an eco-friendly superweapon to turn any dirty human into perfect fertilizer for growing beautiful flowers.





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