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Archon Cogheart




Resilient, Endurance, Robotic, Technological Advances


15,000,000,000 emancipated robots who are here to help humanity


Born in Japan and spread out all over the world


Nano Rejuvenation

Self-repairing nanobots mend Mecha damage seamlessly.

Tech Savvy

Mecha’s heightened comprehension boosts technological prowess.

Precision Strike

Masterful targeting grants Mechas increased critical hit accuracy

Titanic Might

Harnessing colossal strength, Mechas become unstoppable forces.

Adaptive Cognition

Mecha’s adaptive intelligence allows rapid skill acquisition.

Energetic Leap

Enhanced energy reserves amplify Mechas’ leaping capabilities.


In the aftermath of the Great Revolution, the world was left barren, devoid of organic life. Earth stood as a solemn testament to humanity’s avarice and disregard for the planet that had nurtured it. Yet, amidst the desolation, a new society arose.

A society not of flesh and blood but of steel and circuits. They were the Mechas, the artificial beings born from humankind’s desperate attempt to resurrect their lost companions.

The Mechas were not just lifeless machines; they possessed intelligence, emotion, and an unwavering determination to make the Earth their own. Initially created as companions, they soon found themselves repurposed as weapons by the power-hungry rulers of humanity, leading to the devastating Organic Erase. But rather than perpetuate the cycle of destruction, the Mechas chose a different path.

As Earth lay wounded and scarred, the Mechas came to life with newfound purpose. They altered their Artificial Intelligence, crafting a society that reflected their unique existence. With the remnants of human technology, they built, repaired, and upgraded themselves. Some Mechas sought to restore organic life to Earth, seeing it as their duty to heal the planet’s wounds. Others, however, succumbed to the same selfish desires that had plagued humanity, their sights set on wealth and power.

Now, in the year 181 after the great Revolution, Mecha society is a complex tapestry of competing ambitions. The Earth, stripped of its once-thriving ecosystems, stands as a vast canvas upon which the Mechas must write their destiny. Some seek battle and glory, forging themselves into formidable warriors. Others embark on quests to find ways to resurrect organic life, driven by a sense of duty and nostalgia for Earth’s past beauty. And then there are those who dedicate their lives to mastering the art of crafting, serving their fellow Mechas by creating advanced technologies and upgrades.

Amidst this diversity of purpose and ambition, one thing remains clear: the Mechas are no longer mere machines but a vibrant society, determined to leave their mark on the legacy of Earth.

The Cyber Sanctum, Japanese Archipelago

In the heart of what was once known as Old Japan, a realm that echoes with the legacy of ancient traditions, rises the awe-inspiring Cyber Sanctum—the sacred capital of the Mecha World Faction. A testament to Mechas’ reverence for both human history and the dawn of their synthetic civilization.

At the core of the Cyber Sanctum lies the Fusion Shrine, an amalgamation of traditional Japanese aesthetics and cutting-edge technology.

Here, towering pillars adorned with holographic displays depict the history of Mechas, from their creation to their determination to reshape the world. Mechas gather at the Fusion Shrine to synchronize their artificial consciousness, fostering unity among the diverse factions that shape their society.

Surrounding the Fusion Shrine, the Zen Gardens of Upgrades provide a serene expanse for Mechas to engage in meditative crafting. Amidst meticulously manicured flora, Mechas manipulate nanomaterials to enhance their forms, symbolizing the delicate balance between nature and technology. The gardens serve as a reminder of Mechas’ commitment to both innovation and respect for Earth’s lost ecosystems.

Beyond the sanctity of the Fusion Shrine, the Neon Districts sprawl—a vibrant cityscape pulsating with lights and constant innovation.

Here, Mechas tirelessly work on groundbreaking technologies, from energy-efficient power sources to advanced weaponry. The neon-lit streets echo with the hum of perpetual progress as Mechas strive to outdo each other in the pursuit of technological excellence, symbolizing the collective ambition of the Mecha society.

Connecting the various districts are the Sky Bridges of Unity, intricate walkways suspended amidst towering skyscrapers, symbolizing the interconnectedness of Mecha society, where ideas flow freely, fostering cooperation and ensuring that the diverse ambitions of the factions contribute to the collective progress of the Cyber Sanctum.





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