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The Machiavellic OG NFT Seed Sale is a special and unique moment in the project’s history. It is the calm before the storm. A core and critical event, never to be repeated again. There will only ever be 230 OG NFTs and never again will we mint anything similar.

The OG NFTs come with a ton of rewards and utility, both inside and outside of the game. Here is what you can expect from them…


And what kind of rewards do you get?


10 NFTs

  • 62,500 $MACH (2,000 ADA – 0.032ADA each)
  • Ingame unique Diamond OG Helmet and Armor skin
  • 2.25% additional $MBITs gained ingame
  • +25% $MACH Staking Rewards
  • 1 Early Access/Discount Token



20 NFTs

  • 29,500 $MACH (1,000 ADA – 0.0339ADA each)
  • Ingame unique Platinum OG Helmet and Armor skin
  • 2.0% additional $MBITs gained ingame
  • +20% $MACH Staking Rewards
  • 1 Early Access/Discount Token


40 NFTs

  • 14,500 $MACH (500 ADA – 0.0345ADA each)
  • Ingame unique Gold OG Helmet and Armor skin
  • 1.75% additional $MBITs gained ingame
  • +15% $MACH Staking Rewards
  • 1 Early Access/Discount Token


60 NFTs

  • 9,750 $MACH (350 ADA – 0.0359ADA each)
  • Ingame unique Silver OG Helmet skin
  • 1.50% additional $MBITs gained ingame
  • +10% $MACH Staking Rewards
  • 1 Early Access/Discount Token


100 NFTs

  • 5,250 $MACH (200 ADA – 0.0380ADA each)
  • Ingame unique Bronze OG Helmet skin
  • 1.25% additional $MBITs gained ingame
  • +5% $MACH Staking Rewards
  • 1 Early Access/Discount Token
  • $MACH is our Governance Token and is the main token of the project.
  • Ingame skins can be applied over any gear ingame and do not affect the stats of said gear.
  • $MBIT boosts apply to most, but not all instances. The OG NFT boosts gameplay earnings of $MBIT, but in order to minimize inflation risk, most likely will not boost staking rewards.
  • $MACH Staking Boost is based on the amount gained from staking an NFT Character Pass with a partnered SPO Pool and is not a boost on all $MACH earnings. Owning multiple OG NFTs does not accumulate your rewards total. You earn the highest amount from the highest value OG NFT you own. If you own 3 Bronze and 1 Diamond NFT, you will gain a 25% boost.


Let's do a quick recap of all the rewards you can look forward to:

Cheapest We'll Ever Sell our Tokens

To reiterate, this is the cheapest we will ever sell our $MACH tokens. As such, we are very cautious about how many we are releasing. Each NFT bought will give you the full airdrop of the amount of MACH owed to it, so unlike the MACH partner pool staking, this IS accumulative.

Extra Staking Rewards

OG NFT holders will gain an additional % of $MACH tokens when staking with a partnered SPO. We are not 100% sure how big a boost this will be, but it will be at least 10%.

Discount & Early Access to the NFT Pass

Owners of OG NFTs will get airdropped an Early Access/Discount Token which can be used for early purchase of the main character NFT Passes, which will be the actual playable characters and main assets of Machiavellic.

These tokens will also grant the buyer a discount on the NFT Passes. The amount of discount has not been finalized, but it will be at least 10%.


Many NFT-driven projects charge a royalty fee on their NFTs, and Machiavellic is no exception. This fee is a source of revenue that helps the project grow and bring more value to all assets across the board. Although charging such fees is usually standard practice, we minted the OG NFTs with a 0% royalty fee.

Trade or sell them anywhere. Cardano NFTs are supported with no royalty fees.

Unique Flairs Ingame

Having an OG NFT in your wallet while you play the game will alter your text in the World Chat (you can turn this off if you want). Chat text flairs will exist, but none will look like the OG holder chat text.

Unique Visual Gear Skins Ingame

As an OG NFT holder, you will gain a unique visual skin to apply over any helmet you wear ingame (Gold and above also get an armor skin). These visual changes do not affect the stats of the gear and are purely cosmetic.

These skins cannot be sold or traded ingame and are tied to the OG NFT.


Participating in the sale is easy:

  1. Click here to join our Discord community and then click on the Seed Investor emoticon to gain access to the Seed Investor section.
  2. Whitelist yourself using the Whitelist bot we have installed in the #wallet-submission channel.
  3. You can purchase the NFTs of your choice using the links we provide.
  4. Each OG NFT will also receive a $MACH token airdrop plus an Early Access/Discount Token for the purchase of a character NFT Pass before everyone else, and at a reduced price. The date of this airdrop will be announced.
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