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What is Machiavellic?

Machiavellic is a classless Free-to-Play and Play-&-Earn Dungeon Crawler MMO.  Instead of pre-determined playstyles, abilities and playstyles are dictated by the gear a player has. The strength of which is determined by how long a player has been using a skill/ability, how much they’ve leveled the gear, and of course, an element of luck when finding loot with properties that may or may not synergize together.

As an example, one could become a support assassin by equipping a dagger and medic kit. Or a stealthy tank that shows up out of nowhere and instantly takes control of a situation.

Since the potency of your skills are based on the equipment you possess, there are no hard limits. Mix and match playstyles as you wish.

Almost everything in Machiavellic is tradable as almost everything is an NFT.

When will Machiavellic be released?

Machiavellic is a big game with a clear vision. In the first year, we will build out mini-games that will build the foundation and core mechanics of the overall game experience.

These minigames will not just disappear post-launch but will be fleshed out and added to. The aim is to let players develop their characters in limited ways in preparation for the big launch!

What does Play-&-Earn mean?

In Machiavellic, through gameplay, you are awarded the game’s cryptocurrency which has real world value.

Which platforms will the game be available on?

Initially, the game will be browser-based. Stand-alone applications for Windows and Mac are planned. No official game engine has been selected, but we are most likely going to go with Unity for its rapid development and cross-platform flexibility.

Why is Machiavellic built on Cardano?

There are many reasons that Cardano is the future of gaming.

  • Peer-reviewed and solid architecture
  • Low fees
  • Smart contract capability
  • A vast and emerging eco-system
  • Noncustodial (meaning massive attacks like the Axie hack is impossible on Cardano)
  • High throughput. A fast network.
  • Hands down, the best crypto community around 🙂

Where can I keep up with Machiavellic News?

Follow us on our official social media accounts on Twitter, Discord, and our website. You can also subscribe to our newsletter!

Do i need a wallet to play Machiavellic?

Yes, you will need a wallet to hold in-game items and rewards.

Which wallet do i need?

We recommend using either Etrnl or Nami but any other wallet works.

What are the cryptocurrencies in Machiavellic and what is their purpose?

We use two tokens. Both can be used and earned in-game:  $MBIT and $MACH.

This is the in-game currency which is inflationary by design. It grows with the economy. While not aimed to be a stable coin, the inflation is aimed to be low.

This is the governance token used by and for the community. Community members will help shape and guide the project as obstacles and designs come to fruition. $MACH is also used in-game for endgame content. Like $MBIT, it can be found and earned in-game although at a much, much lower amount. Only a certain amount of $MACH can be earned in-game per season.

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