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Once all external enemies were annihilated or conquered, society began to rot from within. A cancer of empty ambitions and self indulgence spread faster than the speed of light. The world order, which had been built over centuries, collapsed as suddenly as the Tower of Babel. Once united and glorious human society split apart into separate tribes, each hating the others for their differing views and opinions. Factions of technological oligarchs, corporate monsters, super intelligent neuronets, eco-naturalists and self-proclaimed prophets compete with one another for influence over the minds and wealth of the common people.


Cyber-enhanced humans are on a path to dominate the future. Install a computer chip into a slow brain, replace weak arms with titanium prostheses and embrace being superhuman.

Life is too short to waste on anything other than self-indulgence and celebration. Everything is holy as long as it gives you pleasure. Lust, gluttony and sloth are not deadly sins, but ideals to live for.

We are born blind and ignorant, unable to grasp the meaning of existence. But there is a path to salvation: Mainnet, an algorithm so powerful it can process all the data in the universe.

Nature is the source of life and death, the foundation of laser beams and atom bombs. It empowers us to spill red blood in the name of green grass.

Violence is the universal language that everyone understands. Pain is a final argument in any dispute. Invoke enough suffering on your foe and he will beg you to accept his friendship.

There is only one permanent law in the universe: Money governs everything. While two tribes are engaged in a war, sell weapons to each and rule over both.

Devoted to transcending the limits of the possible so that we can achieve the Singularity within a lifetime. We praise rapid technological growth at all costs, and burn heretics who slow it down.

The governors of universal order. Enforcers of law, brotherhood and equality. Known to the masses as “United World Government”, provider of common good and executor of traitors.

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