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Middle East and the Old Roman Empire


Increased Intuition, Lure and Deceit, Gluttony


60,000,000 pleasure seekers, and the number is rapidly growing


Filthy harems where depravity has flourished since the beginning of time



Poison skills more effective


Increased resistance against negative buffs

Luxury Connoisseur

Refined taste for the finer things in life and know how to obtain and enjoy them.


Increased psychic and cosmic skills


Chance to regain life points when nearing death.

Hedonistic Indulgence

Skilled at finding experiences that provide pleasure and satisfaction.


Life performs a cosmic dance for our enjoyment and content. We value pleasure and satisfaction of the senses more than anything. Life is too short to waste on struggle. We choose self-indulgence instead.

We want to experience everything before we perish into cosmic dust. What is the point of achieving anything if we can’t experience all of life’s pleasures to their fullest?

Only the current moment has value. Only self-egoistic pleasure has meaning. Therefore we surround ourselves with excessive luxury and pleasure.

This lifestyle obviously has no disadvantages, except one – it has an end. Every pleasure becomes mundane. We develop a tolerance to everything. We get tired and bored with anything. This can discourage inexperienced pleasure seekers, but not us.

We know the solution is to constantly seek out new pleasures beyond the earth across the galaxy and the universe.

If our solar system doesn’t have what we’re looking for, we will go beyond. The planet Ozzar is our destination. We are going to have cosmic orgies with four-armed creatures who are able to satisfy even the most demanding of us.

The plants growing on Ozzar, and the potions the Ozzars make from them have amazing properties to please our senses, our bodies and our minds. We will reach the peaks of pleasure and contentment. Our consciousness will explore the Great Beyond, not to find ultimate wisdom, but to reach ultimate pleasure.

Peak of Al Delight Mountain

Not many people know that the ancient tale of 1001 Nights has a secret chapter. It contains the secrets of such high pleasures that ancient sultans banned it from the public. They feared that if the public knew about it, nobody would want to work or serve in the army, but only make love and spend time in leisure. That chapter is called Harem of Harems. It conveys detailed instructions on how to organize the perfect pleasure house, proper methods to groom virgins to maximize satisfaction of intercorse and recipes of highly addictive mixtures which distort one’s consciousness and fills the mind with a purple mist of euphoric sensations.

One sultan became so obsessed with Harem of Harems, that he decided to build it in his capital city. On the first night of its opening, he entered its gates to never leave the place ever after. On the second night he invited guests. He permitted only the people of highest intellectual virtue and dignity to share pleasures with him, because others were not good enough to deserve it. The most profound thinkers, scientists, engineers and artists flowed to the Harem of Harems from all over the world. The highest scale of delight which they experienced there empowered their minds with new ideas and discoveries. The borders of the sultan’s kingdom were safe as well.

When a violent warlord attempted to invade, he simply invited him to spend one night in the Harem of Harems. After an hour there, the warlord realized that no loot or military glory could match the contentment of being in that place. His conqueror’s ambitions dissolved in the moist kisses of Harem’s virgins and sweet taste of hallucinating potions. The continuous orgy sealed within Harem’s walls continued for 1001 nights. But on the 1002nd night it was suddenly set on fire and turned to ashes. The sultan was burned alive there.

Even though he had a chance to escape, he couldn’t conceive a meaningful life without being there. Plebeians say that the fire was the sabotage of envious losers who were not permitted inside, but wise men say that this tragic finale was expected by design. If you read the chapter carefully, you will find between the lines that the Harem of Harems cannot exist longer than 1001 nights. Since it opened, the temperature of passion was rose every night, reaching its height on the 1001st night, but on 1002nd night it went over the limit of what was physically possible. Then the heat couldn’t go any higher and the place simply exploded. The Harem of Harems is both a gift of the gods and a curse of the devil at the same time.

It will always end up as a tragedy, but it provokes such great temptation that it is impossible to stop oneself from building it even if you know the consequences.

Following sultans made many attempts to rebuild the Harem of Harems, but the secret chapter was lost in the fire. No matter what they tried, they missed some crucial details. Their Harems were good, but didn’t reach the level of the original one. They couldn’t maintain the necessary degree of euphoria and quickly became mundane and boring. The contentment of being there was replaced by the anger of not getting what was desired. The kingdom was eventually torn apart by violence and gradually descended into chaos.

No one seriously considered rebuilding the Harem of Harems until one day Mama al Baba had a hallucination about it while tripping on an inhuman dose of MACH. This revealed the great secret to her. She felt an immediate urge to rebuild this place, but the memory of its past failure held her back. She realized that its ultimate pleasure would eventually descend into chaos unless she could find a solution in advance. She mobilized all the power of will she was capable of by not starting the construction immediately, and stopping to plan and strategize about it first.

She reached out to the most brilliant physicists and biologists paying them crazy money to find the ways to prevent the Harem of Harems from exploding on the 1002nd night. But the only response she received was that it is impossible.

The level of passion released in the Harem of Harems triggers quantum instability and disintegration of matter which results in spontaneous combustion. Mama got so depressed that she locked herself in a cold and dim cell not intending to ever leave.

She spent 1001 nights in solitude, but ironically on the 1002nd night, she had an insight. She remembered the quantum observer’s effect which states that the observer can influence the particles as well as the participant in the process. She realized that instead of keeping the orgies inside Harem of Harems private, she must make them available to be watched by others. The mental energy of observers would stabilize the levels of passion, and keep them within limits.

Scientists agreed that it was theoretically possible, but highly doubted that it was going to work in practice.But Mama had nothing to lose and she went all out with her idea.

She built a new Harem of Harems and filled it with countless cameras allowing anyone to observe every detail of what happens inside. These broadcasts became legendary, gaining a larger audience than the Olympic Games, Political debates and YouTube vlogs.

People couldn’t watch anything else. Porn sites and other entertaining resources had to shut down, unable to compete with the absolutely free content streamed by Mama and her Euphorians.The broadcast on the 1001st night broke all records because no one knew if it was going to be the last one. But on the 1002nd night, the stream continued to great public acclaim and delight. Mama’s idea worked and her following has been growing dramatically ever since.

Are we standing on the edge of a new renaissance of art and science which will lead the world into an epoch of unprecedented peace, harmony and boundless love, or will technological challenges and fundamental human vices ruin everything, as always happens?

Only time will tell. But for now, the Harem of Harem opens its gates to the brightest minds of contemporary time, filling them with the highest sensations of pleasure and the new ideas that come along with it.





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