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Limited Quantity

The initial NFT mint of characters for Machiavellic will be limited and then there will be no more available. Each one is a unique character with visual stylings that will never again be on offer.

Get an Early Start

As the game progresses in development, there will be several mini-games which will test and expand the core mechanics of Machiavellic. These Core Experiences lay bare the main gameplay loops.

While we cannot promise that all the rewards, skills and experiences your character(s) earn during this period will carry over to the final game, we will reward you according to your level, involvement and participation so that when the full game launches, you will be in a better position.

Unique Flairs

All characters minted now will have unique flairs when used ingame:

  • Your user icon will have extra gilding
  • Your name color is different in chat
  • Your character’s profile looks more stylized
  • Additional Emotes unavailable to others
  • Early Adopter Award for your wallet profile ingame

Generational Minting

Depending on demand and availability, we may or may not mint additional generations of characters. No minting round will be the same. The first mint pass will have First Generation NFT Characters, and those will always be First Generation. Next generation mints, if they happen, will be labeled accordingly.

First Generation Mints will have all the Unique Flairs. Future generation mints will have some, but not all of the flairs. This is to ensure that the value and uniqueness of First Generation Characters retain their desirability while allowing access to new players to further grow the project.

Passive Earnings

Each Character NFT in your wallet earns you a baseline amount of $MACH/$MBIT when you delegate/stake your wallet to an affiliated SPO pool. You will only start earning $MBIT once the Core Experience mini-games launch and there is a use case for it.

Of course, the ADA you have in your wallet also generates additional ADA for you.

For those new to the Cardano chain, you do not send your tokens/NFTs anywhere. All staking/delegating with SPO pools are non-custodial. So you pledge your wallet to a pool and at certain intervals of time, a snapshot of your wallet and its contents determines the rewards the pool sends to you.

Come on, take the ride!

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