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1,000,000,000 Token Supply

$MACH is the primary and DAO token that glues the entire project together. It is designed to be used and has weight in every aspect of the project, and serves gamers and investors alike.


$MACH is a valuable commodity because it powers almost every aspect of the project, creating a need for investors and gamers alike. $MACH is a finite resource so as the game grows, the demand for $MACH will increase across the board.

Staking / Delegation

The more $MACH and NFTs you own, the greater your rewards! Machiavellic aims to partner with many SPOs. This not only gives you the power to earn free $MACH and $MBITs (the ingame currency) but also to support a mission driven objective in real life!

The SPOs we work with often have a mission they focus on:  from human rights to space exploration and education to planting trees and much more. So while you support our project, you are also supporting the vision of our SPO partners.


As you progress in the game and reach the upper echelons of gameplay, you may consume MACH ingame to give raids and boss fights unique challenges ranging from blinding effects, to straight up psychedelic hallucinations.

The more you consume, the greater the rewards, but likewise, the greater the challenge. Certain unique or rare drops can only be attained while under the influence of MACH.

Voting / Governance

Players and Investors will be able to voice their opinions on the direction and steps the project takes to improve the experience.

While all holders of $MACH have a voice, wallet owners who have actually played the game will have additional weighted votes for any polls or discussions regarding the game itself as members of the Senate.

We want to make sure gamers will actually enjoy the game, and give the project life which will ultimately reward everyone.

Ingame Account Boosts / Buffs

MACH is also a rare ingredient for potion crafters which enables them to create valuable account-specific boosts that can last anywhere from a couple of hours to several days.

Crafting these potions is not an easy task since we want these types of potions to be quite scarce . Those who devote themselves to the craft can earn a significant amount of resources for themselves.

Rare Element / Material

MACH is also a very important resource ingame. Players need it to craft the upper echelon assets, across the board. Crafters need it to create incredible gear, miners and raiders need it to unlock the highest level of their skill trees.

Players can find MACH ingame, where we will release a very limited amount every season.  This is so that we follow an ethos of fairness. We want to ensure that all players are able to reach endgame content without being locked out by paywalls.

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