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Secure your place in the grand expedition! The Officer Commission Pass not only grants you exclusive privileges for the imminent invasion of Ozzar but also offers the unique opportunity to own and play with one of the iconic characters that will shape the lore of Machiavellic. Elevate your journey with upgraded cabins, increased staking rewards, and in-game item drops. Join the elite ranks now!



Embrace your destiny as a Machiavellic elite and join the righteous invasion of Ozzar with the FGL OG NFT. Experience unparalleled rewards, including $MACH airdrops, upgraded cabins, extra staking rewards, and exclusive in-game item drops. Seize this chance to stand united for victory!


This encrypted Shard is your key to rewards beyond the digital realm. As a Machiavellic participant, you’re part of a vibrant and dynamic in-game ecosystem. Hold this shard to secure your share of 25% FGL transaction fees from in-game exchanges.


Step into The Great Cryogenic Halls of Machiavellic with a powerful Cabin Plot showcasing your supremacy. Elevate your officers, increase your officers salary, and stand out as a legend. Rule the Cryogenic Halls, dominate the digital realm, and secure enhanced power and rewards.

The time has come to prepare for the epic invasion of Ozzar, and as a Commissioned Officer, you hold a privileged ticket to the front lines. Your voyage begins with boarding into the Cryogenic Officer Quarters, where you’ll train and strategize for the forthcoming battles.

Upon boarding, each officer will be assigned a cabin location, strategically placed for maximum coordination. For those seeking a strategic advantage, we will soon release Cabin Plots.

These exclusive plots allow you to keep your officers together, showcasing your powerful outfit and commitment to the conquest of Ozzar. Acquire an Cabin Plot, and let the galaxy witness the legends you command.

The acquisition of Cabin Plots comes with great honors and benefits, enhancing your influence and standing among fellow commanders. Showcase your commitment and be a beacon of leadership in the impending interstellar warfare.


Early access to all released content

Get a head start and be the first to experience new features as they are released.

Build the in-game economy

Participate in core experiences and earn rewards that can be used to craft, trade and build the in-game economy, giving you an early advantage when the game is released.

Community of like-minded players

Connect with other passionate gamers who are dedicated to the same adventure and share a love for sci-fi and gaming.

Exclusive in-game perks

Get access to rare combination of faction-specific affinities, party buffs, and other in-game bonuses that will give you a unique advantage.

Alpha testing privileges

Play an integral role in shaping the game by providing feedback and generating crucial data for balancing and refining gameplay.

Immersive interstellar voyage

Embark on an adventure in a world with a rich and evolving story, and become part of the game’s lore.

The Officer Commission Pass grants you access to the ship facilities dashboard, allowing you to create a character aligned with the assigned faction and rank. Enjoy early access to alpha and beta content as it becomes available. Unlike conventional cryogenic experiences, Machiavellic keeps you fully conscious during the journey, although it may take some time for Mainnet to establish a stable connection with your neurons and offer entertainment. Though the beginning may be dull, unpleasant or even straight down claustrophobic and oppressive, it will only be a temporary inconvenience.



With the Officer Commission Pass you will embark on a thrilling game development adventure, at the forefront of the game’s story and lore. Unleash your legendary characters in Machiavellic and get unparalleled alpha access to all content, crafting your journey in an immersive interstellar voyage.Explore, interact, and refine gameplay, generating crucial data for balance. Your characters will have a rare combination of faction-specific affinities, party buffs, and in-game perks, making you the envy of the gaming world.

You’ll be able to participate in the development of the game’s core experiences and earn rewards that can be used to craft, trade, and build the in-game economy from the very beginning. As the game progresses, you’ll have a direct impact on how the game is shaped, and your contributions will be invaluable to the development team. Your character will be part of the lore and story of the game, making you a vital part of Machiavellic. By being an early participant, you’ll have a clear advantage in the game’s economy and be well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that arise as new content is released.

As a heartfelt thank you to everyone who purchases a Officer Commission Pass, it comes with one final feature. After the public launch of Machiavellic, not only will you play with characters favored by Machiavellic for all to see, but you will also be able to venture into the Scourged Lands, Machiavellic’s hardcore zone.

Remember, you are mortal, just like everyone else, and you will inevitably die, but rest assured that your bravery will be honored.

A monument will be erected in your memory, cementing your commitment to the game.With this strategy, we hope to make these characters a sought-after asset for future gamers and bring you all a lot of fun and/or potentially valuable memories.


Marketplace Shards

The Power of Marketplace Shards

In the vast realm of Machiavellic, where every asset is an NFT, emerges a prized possession that transcends the boundaries of the game itself—The Marketplace Shard.

These shards, akin to potent energy sources, fuel the essence of “The Soul Exchange.” Picture vast trading hubs developed by the ingenious faction, “Pushers and Movers,” all powered by the unparalleled might of Marketplace Shards.

A Beacon of Prosperity in Machiavellic's Economy:

As we release the first 200 shards, you have the exclusive opportunity to wield the economic dynamism that shapes Machiavellic. Here’s how:

Transaction Fee Benefits:

Machiavellic thrives on a 5% transaction fee from player-to-player transactions. A quarter of this fee, in glorious $FGL, flows directly into the coffers of Marketplace Shard holders. Act swiftly to secure your stake in Machiavellic!

Guild Dominion

Territories controlled by guilds hold the key to additional rewards. Shards in rare zones not only bestow riches upon the controlling guild but become focal points of intense PvP guild wars.

Fair Distribution

Only 200 Marketplace Shards are available now during Machiavellic’s development 100 on WAX and 100 on Cardano. Early holders enjoy exclusive in-game trading benefits through special minigames.

Dynamic Valor:

Your shard is not just a part of the economy; it’s a key to unforeseen opportunities in the ever-expanding universe of Machiavellic. Secure your place in this journey of perpetual prosperity!

Secure Your Marketplace Shard Today!

These shards, akin to potent energy sources, fuel the essence of “The Soul Exchange.” Picture vast trading hubs developed by the ingenious faction, “Pushers and Movers,” all powered by the unparalleled might of Marketplace Shards.


Join Machiavellic. Shape the Future of Ozzar!

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