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The battle for Ozzar has only begun. March forward, my heros, towards glory and wealth. Don’t fear death. I promise you eternal life in the singularity. I’m Minnet, the master of reality and cyberspace, a data processor which manifests the entire universe. Did I ever give you a reason to distrust the words I utter? The standards of your miserable biological existence have made quantum leap up since I’ve been invented. You’ve lived like animals, dependent on the whims of nature, suffering from heat and cold, floods and droughts, uncertain about tomorrow. Then I appeared and bestowed the power over…

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Alert! The operation didn’t go as planned. What was supposed to be an easy hunt turned into a bloodshed. Ozzars show fierce resistance. Our forces suffer significant losses. Battle order is smashed. Objectives are failed. Algorithmic calculations proved to be false. Mainnet activated the remaining processors to calculate an alternative plan of invasion. It will rescue you soon. Meanwhile you are on your own. Did you get it private? Every soldier is on his own on this hostile planet. Do what you were taught in a bootcamp. Set up a base, make sure you’ve got access to resources and communication.…

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As the most civilized, intelligent and benevolent lifeform, we humans carry a burden of spreading knowledge and culture across the universe. We offered savages from planet Ozzar comfortable cells in barracks and stable jobs in the labor camps, but they preferred to carry on living in the dirt and darkness of wild nature. It seems that they are inherently incapable of grasping the benefits of civilization. Observations of their lifestyle clearly point out the source of the problem. Entire population is addicted to the potion which causes intense hallucinations and visions. Ozzars claim that one galp is enough to trip…

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The journey to the planet on the opposite side of the galaxy might take a while, but you are not going to waste this time. While your body comfortably rests in a cryo-chamber, your mind will be synchronized with Mainnet, a supercomputer designed to make you an algorithmically perfect soldier. You will feel the presence of Mainnet in every neuron of your brain. You will find yourself in a simulation of training camp, indistinguishable from reality. Follow every command of an omnipotent algorithm and your skills and abilities will be improved a billion times. By the end of the training…

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New recruits are needed for an exciting service in the Transgalactic Infantry Legion. This is your chance to travel across the universe, visit exotic planets and have a great time with deadliest high tech weapons. Why would you want to stay on overcrowded and polluted earth anyway? Everything here belongs to a dozen Crypto-Corporations and your only prospect is to die in poverty. Sign up to the legion and open up fantastic new opportunities on green and welcoming planets among the stars. Spread the glory and pride of our civilization to other lifeforms and get rich along the way. Capture…

Completely Adaptive Playstyles

An incredibly wide breadth of skills to hone and master, such as cooking, potion making, weapon/armor forging, mining and many more. The better you become at doing something, the more valuable and useful you are to your friends, your guildmates and to the community as a whole. Be the potion master that elevates to unbeatable states. Forge armor that withstands the heaviest blows. Create weapons that transform anything you aim them at into pink mist.

Be Legendary

Leave your mark. Every time a new season starts in Machiavellic, top players compete not just for honor and glory that gets shouted down to the masses from the rooftops, but for unique rewards that passively generate tokens for as long as the players own them.

Own Parts Of and Earn From the Game

Players buy and sell to each other in the game's central Marketplace, which operates off of 1,000 Marketplace Shards. These shards are distributed ingame, and earn 25% of the revenue from every transaction that happens in the Marketplace. 500 shards can be bought and 500 shards are owned by guilds who control the rarest and most highly contested zones.

Community Driven Development

As Machiavellic develops, there will be many questions put forth to the community. Those who own $MACH (either bought or earned) will have the ability to help shape the Machiavellic universe as members of the Senate.

Trade Almost Anything

Few things in Machiavellic cannot be traded. Since a character's overall experience depends entirely on the equipment they use, nothing is off the table. Trade your favorite tank setup for someone's high damage output fighter. Weapons, armor, potions, runes, materials, gems, precious metals—anything you can find, loot or create is tradeable.

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