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As an Overlord, you must gather your outfit of officers to play a role in this violent and treacherous saga. Choose wisely from the 2560 officers, each with unique abilities and strengths. Your officers’ skills and loyalty will determine your success in the unforgiving halls of Machiavellic. Only through careful selection and strategic recruitment can you hope to survive the chaos and emerge victorious.

STEP 2: Arm for Battle

The Overlord arms their outfit with powerful weapons, harnessing the dark might of $MACH and the essence of sorrow from $TEARS. Equip your officers with the tools needed to survive and dominate. The right arsenal will ensure your officers can withstand the brutal challenges ahead and crush your enemies. Prepare your outfit for the unrelenting battles that lie ahead, ensuring their readiness for the ruthless combat in Machiavellic.

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The Overlord boards their outfit onto Machiavellic, entering their chambers where their suffering and your quest for power will begin. Choose your faction and immerse yourself in the dark intrigue of the Machiavellic universe. Your faction’s goals will shape your journey, and the rewards will be great for those who dominate not just their outfit, but the great halls themselves. Your officers’ pain is your gain, and the faction’s strength will be your legacy.

Current version: Alpha 1.1.1018

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